Are there fresh water whales

Updated: 11/13/2022
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Q: Are there fresh water whales
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Can whales live in lakes if yes what kind?

No. Lakes are fresh water. Whales need salt water.

Why don'tcan't killer whales live in fresh water?

i think killer whales cant live in fresh water because the need to eat and all of the big fish are in salt water

Are orca whales fresh or salt water mammals?

They are ocean whales and live in saltwater.

Do Beluga Whales live in salt or fresh water?

Killer Whales live in salt water. Check out the related link below for more information.

Why do beluga whales shed their skin?

The fresh water is denser and makes them shed

Why whales do not live in fresh water?

Whales don't live in fresh water because fresh water is too shallow and lacks the large quantities of prey they require to stay alive. Some dolphins, which are small versions of whales, live in fresh water. Whales have been known to enter rivers, but, rivers do not have enough food to feed whales so they leave fairly soon. During World War 2 a number of rivers in the United State had anti submarine mines at the river mouth where the rivers empty into the ocean. Occasionally a whale would set one off and get blown up. That is how we know whales swim in rivers.

Do Whale eat beavers?

No, whales live in oceans(salt water) while beavers live in rivers and lakes(fresh water).

Do killer whales need water?

killer whales surley need water if they want to live. if not their skin would dry out and they would die. and if you mean to drink, all there prey contains moisture and they just use that instead of water

What types of animals live in water?

lots live in water like fishes and sea mammals (otters, seals, dolphins, sealions,whales. i.e) but it depends on what water it is, fresh or sea (salty)

Whales are found in what type of water?

whales can be found in cold and warm water

What whale spits water?

killer whales and hunpback whales spit water out!

What do whales eat is it available in new york?

Are you looking for fresh, or frozen?