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Q: Are there hidden environmental and social cost in hydropower?
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What are good things of hydropower?

Hydropower, when compared to other sources of alternative energy, holds many advantages. It is one of the most environmentally friendly of all electricity power sources (However, its environmental impact is considered to be more intrusive than benign). They also have the lowest operating cost of any electricity source (recommend go to Most hydroelectric dams have very long lifetimes and permit electrical generating output to be quickly varied. Nevertheless, as a disadvantage, they require large capital investments and a time scale of years to build.

What is the difference between cost and benefits when referring to an environmental project?

One has to see benefit and cost as opposing terms. For example, a benefit can be any advantage, gain, or profit whereas a cost is the opposite; it can be a disadvantage, a loss, or an expense. Basically, they refer to what the project can get or what it can lose. Hope this helps! :)

How much does it cost to build a hydroelectric power plant?

What I've been able to find for the Hoover Dam says ~$50 million in the 1930's, today that's roughly $690 million. The entire Boulder Canyon Project cost around $165 million, which included the Hoover Dam. The Hoover Dam has 17 hydro electric generators, capable of generating 2,074MW, which is quite large. The cost of a hydroelectric dam will be dependent on the river it crosses, the storage lake (how big does it need to be, is it man made, or already present, etc.), and how big it will be (how much electricity can it generate), and a host of other factors. I know of a 45MW (enough to power a small town, say 20,000 people) that cost $7.3 million in the 1930's.

What does it cost for large installation of wind turbine?

THE ANSWER IS GOING TO BE EVASIVE. there are blades 50' long and there is blades 10' long. Unless you are specific nobody knows. And the actual cost is hidden usually from state to state because of taxes breaks.

Can you put process pipe in tranch?

Do you mean "trench?" If so it depends on the contents of the pipe, the material the pipe is made from, the environmental factors such as the likelyhood of earthquakes, ground temperature and ambient temperature and then socio-economic issues such as how often access is required to the pipe, whether or not a spill could cause environmental damage, whether or not an overground pipe would damage the look of the area, whether it is cost effective to put the pipe in a trench etc. Generally speaking it is in everyones interest to keep a process pipe overground

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What are ''environmental cost'' and social costs''?

Environmental costs refer to the impact caused by nature

What is the cost of hydropower?

10 pounds of meat. =D

What are the social and environmental costs and benefits of living on the moon?

wireless access and cost of ship gas

Are there hidden environmental and social cost with biomass?

Yes. Much of the plant material used for biomass, or for producing biofuel, is food. This is putting up the price of staple foods like corn. The land used to grow it is also no longer available for food production.

How much does a small hydropower dam cost?

$30 thousand

What has the author Linda Lorraine May written?

Linda Lorraine May has written: 'Economic and environmental trade-offs in Washington small-scale hydropower evaluation' -- subject(s): Cost effectiveness, Environmental aspects, Environmental aspects of Water resources development, Hydroelectric power plants, United States, United States. Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, Water resources development

How much does hydropower cost in cash?

so much chuck Norris cant afford it

What has the author Mansoor Ahmed Surahyo written?

Mansoor Ahmed Surahyo has written: 'Environmental and social cost modeling of highway projects'

What is the purpose of an environmental impact study?

The purpose of environmental impact assessment is to analyze and theorize upon the safety, cost, benefit, harm, and general impact of many projects, industrial or governmental or social.

Is hydropower costly?

Hydropower has high initial costs (meaning that dams are expensive to build), however their opperating cost is very low, since they don't require the purchase of fuel (like coal does or nuclear does).

Is this grant free or is there a hidden cost at the end?

This Grant Home Repair is free with no hidden cost at the end.

What is social cost?

social cost is the cost of the people living