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Sorry for the typo in the last message, I was interrupted. What I meant to say was my other two kids will probably also graduate at 15 yrs old. They are currently 14 and 11 1/2 yrs old.

Yes,there is a great book on the statistics of homeschooling. It is called "Homeschooling: The Right Choice!" by Christopher Klicka, Loyal Publishing, Check out Chapt. #5. We have purchased the book for our family a couple of times because we continue to lend it out, but never seems to come back. It may not be the most up to date, but it is a starting point. (P.S. we have been homeschooling since 1996 and have truly been amazed. Our daughter will graduate from high school at 15 yrs. old this year and our other two kids will probably will also.)

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Q: Are there homeschool test scores available?
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How do homeschool test scores compare to public school test scores?

I seem to remember seeing that homeschoolers had higher scores. Correct !!

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You can try the National Homeschool alliance to find more information about homeschool curriculum.

How does recess affect test scores?

recess does improve test scores.

What do I need to do to homeschool my kids?

I homeschool children with disabilities. In NC, there are very low requirements. You must file, and you must test every year. Those test scores mean nothing, they don't go anywhere, you just have to keep them as part of your records. will show you. Contact a local group like NCunschoolers for more info, they are VERY active and a great group

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What is the best homeschool curriculum for busy parents? is a site that has listed the best of the best curriculum types available for the parents who are busy.

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No it really isn't. You can always homeschool. If it gets too hard, there are many resources, the internet being one of the best. Books are widely available and groups/programs are available almost everywhere to support homsechoolers.

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An average is worked out by dividing the total of the scores by the number of scores. You have 4 scores already so when you have done the next test it will be 5 scores. If you multiply 5 scores by 90 it gives you a total score of 450. The 4 scores you already have adds up to a total of 354. If you subtract 354 from the 450 you get 96 and that is your target for the final test. The average for the first 4 tests comes out at 88.5

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