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I seem to remember seeing that homeschoolers had higher scores.

Correct !!

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Q: How do homeschool test scores compare to public school test scores?
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What are the scores to get into a college preparatory school in cps?

public schools

What would a problem statement be for the correlation of SAT scores for public school students versus private school students?

Family income discrepancies between public-school and private-school test-takers might impact any comparison.

What is the Jerabek school in Scripps Ranch?

A public elementary school, that teaches grades k-5. Located in a good community and school district with high standardized test scores.

Where can I find K-12 online public schools?

Public schools do not offer a stay-at-home online option. You can find ratings of various public schools in each state (by test scores) and you can find the requirements for each grade level. If you want to homeschool your kids, check out AND Each state has requirements for homeschooling, and you can find all the particulars online as well.

How can you get your SAT scores from 1999 from philadelphia public school?

Try the Educational Testing Service (ETS) in Princeton, New Jersey.

What school this year had the highest score in the county?

The Lakeland Montessori school, a charter school, had the highest scores in the county when third-grade scores were released in May. I go to that school!!!!!!

Jennifers test scores for five history tests were 66 73 92 90 and 73 How do the median and mode of her scores compare?

They are the same.

Did the FCAT scores came back to Memorial Middle School?

Usually, it takes a couple or more months for schools to receive standardized test scores. If you are in school, you can ask your teacher if the FCATE (Florida Comprehensive Assessment Test) scores have come back. If you are out of school, you can call the central office for the school district to ask if the scores are back.

Who scores the easiest in the NBA?

Carmelo Anthony, but I would easily compare him to Kevin Durant.

What city in Illinois has the lowest school test scores?

Chicago schools have the lowest test scores.)~:

Who has great scores in school?

I DO! I get straight A's!

Why are colleges interested in SAT scores?

Colleges are interested in SAT scores because these scores test the amount of knowledge one has gained in school. These scores give an estimate of the basic knowledge of the student. It is also a yardstick that they can use for everyone. Different high schools and even different teachers within a high school are prone to make things easier or harder. Let's compare two schools. School 1 is pretty easy. 25-30% of the students get straight A's. School 2 is a bit harder. Less than 10% of students get straight A's. Does that mean that students in school 1 are smarter? Most likely not. The classes are easier and/or the grading scale is more leninent. When students from both these high schools apply to college, how does the college compare their performance? It is very difficult since it seems that the high schools have different difficulty levels. So the college needs something to put everyone on the same playing field, something that is standard. So they look at standardized test scores, such as the ACT and SAT. By doing so, they can compare students from different high schools more easily.