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There are several varieties of Vampires.

Psi Vampire - a vampire that derives their power from non-physical energy, rather than blood. They drain energy from other life forces to replace their own. It is like recharging a battery.

Blood Vampire: vampires gain energy from drinking blood. They must drink fresh blood to gain energy, however, not dead blood (for obvious reasons).

Hybrid Vampire: Hybrids are a mix of both Psi and blood Vampires. They have many of the Psi abilities that a Psi vampire has, and can also gain energy from consuming blood. [they are the highest of ranks in the vampire world]

Elimental Vampires: These are vampires that feed from the elements. For example, the energy created by a thunder storm. They actually feed of the power in the air that the storms create, much like a Psi vampire will feed from a human host.

Emotional Vampire: These are vampires that feed on emotions, such as anger, fear, rage, happiness, etc. Some may even be known to start fights, just so they can feed from the emotions it causes.

Sexual Vampires: These vampires feed on the energy generated by sex, or a sex act. The sexual vampire will feed off sexual energy, and the sexual need and dependence of their victims.

Social Vampire: social vampire is very much like a sexual vampire, except they feed on social energy, rather than sexual energy. A social vampire will tend to be the type of person who loves to be the center of attention, and cannot stand to be alone or ignored by others.

New Breed Vampires: These type of vampires are similar to the vampires in the movie "Queen of the Damned", minus a few exaggerations. Classical vampires are "ageless", meaning their physical bodies do not age, but they can be killed.

Genetic Vampires: These vampires are similar to the vampires in the movie "Blade", minus a few exaggerations. For example, they do not burst into flames upon exposure to sunlight, and they are not affected by garlic. Most are extremely sensitive to sunlight, however. Depending on the blood line, some Genetic vampires can only last 10 mins, while others can last up to a few hours. If they do go over the time they can safely walk around in the sun, their skin will start to burn severely, much like a chemical burn. Most of them live for over 300 years of age. However, I do not know their exact lifespan. I have heard mixed reports of Genetic vampires living from 350 - 900 years of age.

Inhertior Vampires TYPE 1: These vampires are much like the Genetic vampires, except they are born. Like Sanguinarians, the vampire trait will lay dormant inside them until around the age of 13 - 26, when they awaken. When they body reaches the late stages of puberty, ir releases a chemical which awakens the vampire and begins many physical changes in the body. As a result of this, most Inheritors look around 19 - 20 years old their whole life. Most of the time the parents of the vampire will be human and vampire, or both vampires. There must be one vampire parent. Inheritor vampires live to around the age of 350-400 years old.

Inhertior Vampire TYPE 2: Sanguinarians are the "mortal version" of the Inheritor vampires. They still require and crave blood, are sensitive to sunlight, and have many of the traits the Inheritor and Classical vampires have. However . However, Sanguinarians do not live much longer then the average human being.

malkavian vampire: These are mainly thought to be from a RPG clan, however, there are real Malkavian vampires out there. They are basically vampires who suffer from mental illnesses, or are considered to be insane by the rest of the community. However, they just have a different outlook on life, and most of the time they are not dangerous.

Nightwalker: This type of vampire is almost exstinct. The reason for this is that they do not have the healing of the Genetic / Inheritor or Classical vampires. They do not have the speed, or even the life span of the ageless vampires. Infact, they are more human than vampire. They only live for about 100 years, they do not have the healing like the other "immortals", and their speed is the same as a human. However, they do have the need to feed, just like any other vampire, and are also extremely sensitive to sunlight.

Nosferatu Vampire: When a human or vampire is turned, the body tries to fight the infection. In the case of the Noseratu vampires, the body got the upperhand. This caused the virus to alter itself, thus allowing for it to survive in the new host, causing the vampire's body to be extremely disfigured. From what I have heard, the Nosferatu are similar to the Classical or Genetic / Inheritor vampires. They are turned, not born.

Then there's the humans who THINK they're vampires:

Bloodists: These are humans who have a blood fetish, and who often get called vampires by other humans. They do not have a need to feed, but simply enjoy the taste of blood, or are excited by the sight, smell and taste of blood.

Wannabe's: These are humans who want to be vampires. Most of the time they are 16-years-old kids who watch a lot of vampire movies, and think it would be "cool" to be a vampire. However, there are some people who are serious about wanting to be turned, who are in their 20's - 30's, and who know what they want and what they are getting themselves into. (aka, people who go "vampire" because of the Twilight book/movie, and all the other vampire novels.)

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Q: Are there many types of vampires?
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