Are there modern blacksmiths today?

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There are modern day blacksmiths today how ever, they are few and far between. They can be employed by shipyards or be self employed creating various items from horse shoes to metal decorative gates and even pieces of art. in Canada there is something like 5000 registered blacksmiths. Black smithing is now considered to be a dieing art. a quick search on google can turn up some really amazingly crafted pieces by these talented people. Some people have a different full time job and then on there off days and free time are black smiths for added income. again though clientel to buy there items can be hard to find.
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What is a blacksmith?

Someone who is good with their hands. Someone who works with metal to make useful items. someone who works with iron making things like horse shoes

What is blacksmithing?

Blacksmithing is when A blacksmith takes a piece of metal, usually iron or steel, and heats it up in their forge, usually until a reddish orangeish color or until it starts sp

What do blacksmiths do?

\nBlacksmiths make implements from metal, from farm tools like horseshoes and hoes, to weapons like swords and axes. Mostly they used iron, but modern blacksmiths use whicheve

What did a blacksmith do and how?

blacksmiths shape metal by hand into horse-shoes, armor, tongs, spikes, and other iron things, by metling the metal in fire and banging it into the shape they want. Blacksmith

Who was a blacksmith?

A blacksmith is a craftsman who does general work with iron. In the medieval context a blacksmith would make tools, nails, horseshoes, and other general utilitarian metal obj

What is a blacksmith called in modern life?

A the use of an anvil, forge and a hammer to shape iron is still called a blacksmith. Although some of the tools may have changed the job remains the same.

Do blacksmiths still exist today?

Yeah the still do exist there jut few Of course Most do not Make Swords and armor Some other types of Stuff they make is Iron gates , Fine art , And iron Furniture And the mos

What are blacksmiths?

The term Blacksmith generally refers to those who worked Iron (The "black" as wrought iron is dark in colour, almost black). They typically made things like horse shoes, pot

Do you still have blacksmiths today?

Yes , blacksmiths are found today but not like olden days... Black smith are normally found in outer part of city

How has nigeria changed in blacksmithing today?

The Nok people of Nigeria exhibits the art of blacksmiths, whichdate back to the 6th century BC. People of Ife and Oyo believe thatthe blacksmith has the power to express the

Who is a blacksmith and what does a blacksmith do?

A blacksmith is a person who creates objects from iron or steel. Blacksmiths use tools to hammer, bend, and cut the metals. They produce objects such as gates, grilles, railin
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Can you find an operational blacksmith today?

Blacksmiths and farriers still work today, all over the world. A blacksmith makes things from metal; a farrier is a blacksmith who specializes in making and fitting horse
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Are there still blacksmiths today?

Yes, but there aren't a lot of them. Blacksmithing has become moreof an art - although, you can't shoe horses without a blacksmith'sskills.
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What does blacksmiths?

shoeing horses usually and all kinds metal repair