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There are more English speaking people.

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Q: Are there more french or English speaking people in Canada?
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Why does Canada have English and French speaking people?

Because it was settled by both French and English people.

Is English or french spoken in Newfoundland Canada?

most people speak English but there are french speaking people too

Is the national language of Canada french?

There are French speaking people and English speaking people in Canada, so most street signs there are printed in French, and English.Answer:Yes, in part. Actually, Canada recognizes both French and English as it's national languages, mainly because this country was founded by France and England.

Why does Canada today contain both French-speaking and English-speaking people?

The French Catholics were left over from French occupation, then the British took over. In history it belonged to France and to England.

What are the English-speaking provinces in Canada?

English is spoken in all ten provinces and in all three territories. Quebec and New Brunswick have large numbers of French-speaking people.

Why are there so many french people in Canada?

Because the Europeans who settled and colonized (some areas of) Canada were mainly from France. This created french-speaking areas that have remained until today. Most French-speaking people you meet in Canada aren't french, they're Canadians. French-speaking, but still very much Canadians. 'Course, if you're French speaking, and looking for another place to live, another french speaking nation would make the transition easier. If you don't speak good english, Canada would be easier than, say Alaska.

Why did the creation of a strong federal government create concern among French-speaking people of Canada East?

Because they were concerned that their French language and culture would not survive in a country with more English-speaking people than French.

Do people who live in Canada speak English?

People who live in Canada speak English or French.

What language do people from France speak in Canada?

People from France who live in Canada speak Either English or French.

Who are the english- speaking protestant settlers?

there people who lived in canada

What do french people call lunch?

It depends: if they are speaking English it would be lunch. If they are speaking French it would be déjeuner

What is the most common language spoken in Canada?

1. English 2. French 3. I think Chinese The most common language is spoken in Canada is English, while 25 percent of Canadians are of French-Canadian descent. 6.7 million people speak French in Canada. 31 percent of Canadian citizens are French speaking.

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