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The US House of Representatives has 435 members and the US Senate has 100, so the House has more people.

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Are there more people in the House or Senate?

The House Of Representatives has 435 people in it. The senate has 100 people.

Which group has more members the senate or house?

The House has more members, because the senate only has 100 people in it, the house now has 435.

Explain why the House might be considered more representative of the people than is the Senate?

the house might be considered more representative of the people than is the senate. becuase the people is who decide who is the president of the U.S. Than the senate.

Which comparison of the House and Senate is true?

the house has more members than senate House has more members than the senate

Who has more rank- senate or house of commons?

House of Commons. The Senate is seen as a national joke and not many people respect the Senate or Senators. Senate seats are nothing more than a patronage appointment.

Does the senate or house have more power?

none, but the senate outranks the house, so basicly, the senate

Is congress more powerful than the senate?

Depends on what you mean by Congress. Technically, the Senate is one chamber of Congress and the House of Representatives is the other. Some people, though, refer to the House as Congress and the Senate as the Senate. If in asking this question you are meaning 'Is the House more powerful than the Senate' the answer is no. The Senate is more powerful than the House due to its powers of advise and consent over treaties and presidential nominations for the judiciary and executive branches.

Is the house of representatives or senate more prestigious?


Who represents you in the US House and Senate?

There are different people who represent you in the US House and Senate. In the House there are representatives while in the Senate there are senators.

What branch does the senate belong to?

Senate belongs to the legislative branch. That branch is made of two parts. The Senate and the House of Representatives. The Senate has 100 people, to from each state. While the House has 435 people who come from districts in each state. The number of people that the House is decided by population, so the states with the larger populations have more House members.TOGETHER they are called Congress.

Is the house or senate more diverse?

the house is more diverse

Is the House of Representatives more powerful than the Senate?

No, the Senate is more powerful.

The number of people that serve in the house and senate?

The number of people in senate is 100 senators. The number of people in the House is 435 reps.

Does the senate or house have more influence on foreign affairs?

The Senate.

What is least accountable to the people house of rep or senate?

The Senate. The HR gains its elections through the popular vote, therefore making it more accountable to the people.

Which house has more members the senate or the house of representatives?

the house of represantatives has more members

Which house has more equal representation senate or house of representation?

The senate gives equal representation to each state, two representatives from each state. The house of representatives is sometimes called the peoples' house because it gives states with more people more representatives than states with fewer people. While this seems unequal, it is a fair way to represent the people.

Is there more Democrats or republicans in the senate?

As of Jan 2015 there are more Republicans in the House and Senate.

Why is the senate called the upper class?

The Senate has terms of 6 years, so they are in office longer. The Senate has more duties than the house. The fact that the house is elected in districts and represent only the people of their district. The Senate represents the entire state.

What are the differences between the legislative process in the House of Representatives and that in the senate?

Debate is more restricted on the House floor than on the Senate floor The amendment process is more restricted in the House than in the Senate A Rule Committee sets the guidelines for floor debate in the House but not in the Senate

Which group of congress has more members house or senate?

House because the house of represenatives has 435 N the senate has100

What are some of the rules that are different for the house and the senate?

the term length for each is different senate- 6 year terms house-2 year terms the age to be able to run for each is different senate-have to be at least 30house- have to be at least 25 Also there are more people in the house

Why is the senate referred to as the upper house of congress Include many details?

The Senate is called the "Upper House" because it is the senior house. The Senate has more powers and authorities then the House of Representatives.

Why are there more members in the house of represenatives than of the senate?

Because in the Senate there are 100 members, 2 per state. In the House of Reprisentatives, we vote for the best people, and a few at a time can go.

What statement describes a difference between the legislative procedures of the House of Representatives and the Senate?

The house has more complex debate rules then the senate

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