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Yes, they are usually found in damp areas and in ditches.

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Q: Are there moss plants in boreal forest biomes?
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Plants in the rain forest?


What plants live in the canopy of the rain forest?

Moss and fern

What are the season like in a boreal forest?

Boreal forests are forests in the northern regions of the northern hemisphere but south of the arctic regions.

What kind of plants survive on forest?

there are many types of plant survive in forest like Aerial plants such as orchids , spanish moss and staghorn fern.

What plants grow in the forest?

Moss, Saplings, small amounts of grass or weeds, ect.

What are three plants found in tropical rain forest?

green moss, tropical trees, and vines

What are some plants of the deciduous forest?

idk lol A few plants of the deciduous forest include; venus flytrap, many different types of trees, and lots of flowers and moss!

How does sphagnum moss eat?

Sphagnum moss is a plant and it can't eat . It is photosynthetic .

What are some plants in temprete forest?

There are the small plants such as shrubs, moss, ferns, and lichens which grow quietly beneath the shadows of the tall trees.

What are native plants in the Temperate deciduous forest?

Ferns, moss, bushes, and most other non-evergreen forms.

Why are moss non flowering plants?

Moss plants are a very old species. Flowering plants developed after moss was created. Moss reproduce by spores.

When was Moss-forest Blossom Bat created?

Moss-forest Blossom Bat was created in 1982.