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There is a large grouping of mountains in the southern Sinai Peninsula, but most of the country is flat.

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Are there famous mountains in Egypt?


Is Spain a Flat country with few mountains?

No, I think Egypt is pretty flat. Egypt has no mountains what so ever.

What are mountains and deserts like in ancient Egypt?

There were the same as they are in modern Egypt.

Where are the mountains in Egypt?

cairo and hurghada

What is meant by upper and lower Egypt?

Upper Egypt on a map is really the south part. It is called upper Egypt because all the mountains are there. Lower Egypt is (of course) lower than the mountains and often floods with the Nile water. This is why upper Egypt is upper Egypt and lower Egypt is.. well, you get the point.

What is the name of the mountains south of Egypt?


How many mountains are in egypt?


What is the smallest mountain in Egypt?

The smallest mountain in Egypt is..............this is a stupid website go to google!!

Does it snow in Egypt?

Sometimes it does indeed snow on the peaks of the Sinai Mountains within Egypt.

Are there mountain ranges in Egypt?

Sand mountains yes

Does Alexandria Egypt have mountains?

no mountains are found in Alexandria,Egypt.It is famous for its salted sea waters and beaches

Where is the Barbary leopard found?

Egypt Morroco and atlas mountains

What natural defenses did Egypt have against attack?

Deserts and Mountains

What were the natural resources of the mountains in ancient Egypt?

They were just deserts.

Where is the wettest place in Egypt?

the red sea and the cairo mountains

What does Egypt look like?

Egypt is surrounded by beautifully built pyramids. It also has a lot of Egyptian Pharaoh statues. Egypt has alot of sand. Egypt has a lot of mountains and rivers.

Why was upper Egypt to south and lower Egypt to north?

Upper Egypt was the southern part of Egypt and Lower Egypt was the northern part because of the Nile River, which flows from the mountains in the south to the lowland in the north.

What is one cause of the yearly nile floods in Egypt?

Melting snow from mountains south of Egypt........ hope that help...:)

Why does the Nile River flow from south to north?

Because of the mountains in Egypt.

What landforms affect the climate of cairo Egypt?

mountains and lakes/rivers

What are the names of all the mountains in Egypt?

There are 15 but i dont know there names

What do Egyptians use mountains for?

What? There are no mountains in Egypt or anywhere near it. There weren't any in ancient Egypt, either. It's in the middle of the largest desert, the Sahara. But the longest river (the Nile) runs straight through modern and ancient Egypt, though. Hope this helps!!! ~LOVE~ Nicole

What do the names upper Egypt and lower Egypt have to do with the flow of the nile river?

Upper Egypt is lower and Lower Egypt is higher because the Nile flows from South to North. The reason for this is because the mountains at upper Egypt, which is at the bottom are tilted and it flows to lower Egypt which is at the top.

Can it snow in Egypt?

Yes, It actually snows at the end of December on the peaks of mountains

What is one of the mountains called in Egypt?

The most famous one is Mount Sinai.

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