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Are there other causes of verbal and emotional abuse besides narsissistic problems?

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Yes there are and you asked an excellent question. There are men/women that were in an environment of abuse when they were growing up and it's a learned behavior. Then there are abusers who may have been fired from a job, didn't get the opportunities others did, weren't accepted into certain groups of society and feel they deserved the same as everyone else and become jaded in life; the solution for them of course are anger outbursts which can lead to mental/physical abuse or depression. Then there are just some people that are mean to the bone and love to hurt those they are suppose to love.

There is abuse caused from alcohol, drugs (the person is not the same person they were before they started to drink or do drugs) and of course some medications have side effects changing a person's personality. Depression can also cause a personality change. Some people feel that people that are depressed are quiet, stick to themselves, but in some people they react with rage because they are hurting. Still, there is a modicum of sense in each person to get help and mainly men never reach out for that help.

It opens up a whole new can of worms. How people handle their past demons. Why some turn to drugs and other develop full blown disorders. How some suffering depression abuse others while others sufferig depression just isolate themselves. I also wonder of "passive" participants in abuse. The alcoholic spouse who does nothing while their pshychotic wife mentally abuses the kids. The codependent wife who knows her husband is sexually molesting the children, etc, etc. The Doctor Who looks the other way when a child is brought in with cigarrete burns and bruises. Sometimes witnessing yet not doing anything about it is just as bad as the abuse itself.

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