Are there signs you could be pregnant before you actually miss your period?

Yes - but nothing conclusive. Any symptom you get before you miss your first period can be a sign of either a flu or PMS. The biggest indicators are: - Your breasts may begin to swell, nipples tingle or hurt. You may notice a darken of the aureola. - You may feel bloated. When you are pregnant, your digestion slows to allow the body to absorb more nutrients, so you may feel some bloating and consipation. - Nausea (morning sickness) can start. Not everyone get sick only in the mornings. Look out for evening sickness too. - Dizziness - Enhanced sense of smell - especially meat and coffee - A taste of metal in your mouth Personally I had dizziness, and 3pm "morning" sickness for the three days before my period was due which made me suspect.