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Some vampires can.

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Q: Are there some vampires that can see their refletion in a mirror?
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How do vampires shave when they cant see themselves in the mirror?

Vampires don't need to shave.

Can vampires see in a mirror?

Yes. But they do not appear in mirrors.

Do all vampire have no refletion?

Well vampires may not be real but in books and movies no, because the Cullens can see themselves in really depends on what book or movie you read or watch.

When a vampire goes near a mirror why cant you see them?

Actually you can. This is one of the more incredulous claims for vampires that is difficult to conform to known physics. Some vampires are not comfortable with what they have become and shrink from seeing themselves in a mirror. Denial.

Why can't you see vampires in mirrors?

Because the need souls to see them selves in the mirror.

Why do vampires can't see their reflection in the mirror?

its because mirrors are lined with silver nothing to do with souls

What are things vampires can't do?

They can't eat regular food or be in the sun. And they can not see themselves in a mirror.

Can vanpires see them serf in the miar?

Legend has it that vampires cannot see themselves in a mirror. This legend is from the belief that they no longer have a soul.

How do you tell a vampire from a human?

There are no such thing as vampires, so telling the difference is easy. If they exist, then they are not a vampire. If they exist, then they are human. Vampires are fictional, like elves, fairies, Santa Claus and trickle-down economics. [Alternate: Hold a mirror up in front of them. If you see their reflection in the mirror - and you will - they are not vampires.]

Who are not see in mirror?

According to the currently popular drift in teen-age literature, vampires are not seenin a mirror.This in effect guarantees us that without exception, everything that's visible directlyis also visible in a mirror, since vampires don't exist.

Can you see female vampires in a mirror?

Yes, of course. In The Twilight Saga, at least. When Bella is turned in Breaking Dawn, Alice shoves a mirror in her face. She's scared of her own eyes, remember?

In True Blood can the vampires see themselves in a mirror?

yeah, they say they created the myth so that they could prove themselves not to be vampires by showing their reflection. i mean how else would Eric get his hair so perfect?