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Q: Are there squirrels in Israel
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Do woodchucks have more in common with squirrels or mice?


Are fox squirrels bigger than grey squirrels?

yes .Fox squirrels are bigger than grey squirrels

Are squirrels omnivore?

Yes, squirrels are omnivores.

How do squirrels attract other squirrels?

squirrels atrract other squirrels by fighting with a male. the one who wins is the one who gets the female.

Do squirrels have momanddad?

Squirrels are mammals, so yes the baby squirrels do have mothers and fathers.

Why is the collective noun for squirrels a dray?

Yes, a dray of squirrels is the collective noun. Other collective nouns are: a scurry of squirrels a colony of squirrels.

Do red squirrels bite grey squirrels scrotum's?

No. Where the grey and red squirrels intermingle, the red squirrels tend to be pushed out by the larger greys.

Who kisses squirrels?

Charles kisses squirrels.

Do black squirrels eat red squirrels?


Does squirrels eat caterpillar?

ground squirrels do

How does a squirrels camouflage?

Squirrels do not use camouflage.

Are squirrels red?

The answer is no. Squirrels are mostly brown.