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Are they any error 1952-S pennies?

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Other than the usual striking errors that are possible on ANY coin, there is nothing special noted for 1952-S cents.

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Is there any pennies that was made in 1978 with errors?

It's quite possible, but '78 isn't a date known for any specific recurring error.

Were any copper 1943 pennies made?

The 1943 copper Lincoln cents were made by error, only about 12 exist.

Was there a steel pennies made in 1961 that was not for circulation?

Steel pennies were only minted in 1943, however some examples of steel pennies being struck in error in 1944.

How do you calculate percentage error for density of pennies?

Percent error refers to the percentage difference between a measured value and an accepted value. To calculate the percentage error for density of pennies, the formula is given as: percent error = [(measured value - accepted value) / accepted value] x 100.

What is the value of a 1952s Lincoln penny?

About a nickel, unless it's uncirculated. In that case it's worth about $1.15

What are the most collectible pennies?

If you are a true collector, all pennies are collectable. If you are an investor, low mintage coins and certain error coins are collectable.

Are there any Lincoln pennies worth more than 100.00?

There are many, but nearly all of them are either out of circulation or are error coins. Among others: 1909-S 1909-S VDB 1914-D 1922 "plain" (an error coin) 1943 copper (error) 1955 double die (error)

What mathematical error can be found in the first paragraph of o Henry's gift of the magi?

."The Gift of the Magi" is a famous short story by O. Henry. It also contains an interesting mathematical error in the first paragraph. The author states that Della possesses $1.87 with $0.60 of the total consisting of pennies. The remaining $1.27 is not supposed to have any pennies at all, which is impossible.

How any type of juice work?

how you know any type of juice work on pennies how you know any type of juice work on pennies

What wheat pennies are rare?

Look out for any 1909 pennies which are EXTREMELY valuable, there a bout a thousand dollars. others to look for (not as valuable as 1909) are 1912 S 1913 S 1914 D 1914 S 1915 S 1922 NO D 1924 D 1931 S and also look for any error coins

Are there any valuable pennies or half pennies?

Yes, there are literally hundreds of them, enough to fill a book.

How many steel 1944 pennies were minted?

It's an error coin, so exact numbers are unknown.

Are there any valuable pennies between 1941 and 1965?

Not especially, except for the extremely rare 1943 copper cent, or even more rare 1944 steel cent (both of which were error coins).

When you adjust for inflation what is the worth more 1908 pennies 1960 pennies 1990 pennies 2006 pennies 2007 pennies or any penny melted down and sold as scrap metal?

Based on melt value alone, any Lincoln cents minted before 1982 are worth about 2 cents each for their copper content.

Where can you trade in Canadian pennies?

at any bank

Are any pennys gold?

No pennies are copper.

Are 1965 pennies worth more than regular pennies in 2012?

Yes and no. Yes, they are technically worth about 2.2 cents in copper value (pre-1982 pennies are 95% copper, post-1982 pennies are mostly zinc and are worth about half a cent in zinc scrap) but they are illegal to melt down and as such you will have a hard time finding someone to buy them. 1965 pennies are not rare by any stretch and as such you should just spend it like any other penny. Unless the penny has an error (or you have a /lot/ of copper cents to sell to someone, or if the penny is in mint packaging) if it has a memorial on the back of the coin, simply spend it.

What pennies are valuable?

any one that is under 1960

Are any 1901 indian head pennies made of gold?

No, all 1901 Indian Head pennies are struck in Bronze.

Are there any 1943 copper pennies still out there?

yes I have 1 1943 copper pennies, but if you find one make sure it is not a 1948 with the 8 cut down and yes its a copper pennies

Where can you buy pennies and pennies and pennies and pennies?

the bank!

Where can you buy a pennies enlargement product?

Why would you want to make pennies any biger? They're not worth any more by making them bigger, they're still only a penny

Were there any pennies in the 1940s made of gold?

No, but in 1943 US pennies were made from steel coated zinc. These have become a collector favorite.

What is the meaning of pennies in meaning in Telugu?

Pennies is plural of penny. penny: paisaa పైసా; paisa పైస pennies (also pence) : paisalu పైసలు, Any of various coins of small denomination.

Do 1966 uncirculated pennies have any collector value?


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