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Q: Are they going to change the face on any American currency?
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What currency can you find Abe's face?

The American 1 cent penny.

Where did the penny originate?

The currency stated in the American Rev. making a common currency from the British. But the face and junk was started in the US. :D

Does George W. Bush have his face on any currency?

No George W Bush does not have his face on any currency

Which country has GOD'S face in its currency?

depends on which god...

Is Obama a good poker player?

Obviously, If he can say there's going to be positive change with a straight face, It just goes to show how good of a poker face he has

What is sains currency?

whats better msn or face book

Did Melina change her entrance video because she was drafted to smackdown?

just the video, but she did not change it because she was going to smackdown, she changed it because the turned FACE

Is Benjamin Franklin face on US currency?

Benjamin Franklin's face is on the $100 bill

Is matchcom a waste of time?

That can only be determined by each person's experiences with it. And, let's face it, if you don't have game, no website is going to change that.

When was Face the Change created?

Face the Change was created on 1998-01-07.

What is the difference between face value and intrinsic value of money?

face value is the value written on the coin(currency),and intrinsic value is one which when the same coin is melted and that metal is sold the cost of that. before tuglak's rule the face value of the currency was equal to intrinsic value in india.

Why does United states currency have value?

The United States guarantee that the dollar will have a face value.