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They certainly are. The first time I saw a woman with a thong, my heart stopped.

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Does Vanessa Hudgens wear thongs?

yes vanessa does wear thongs yes vanessa does wear thongs

Does rebecca black wear thongs?

No she is somebody who does not wear thongs

Can thongs give you a STD?

Thongs won't give you a std.

Does Christina Aguilera wear thongs?

Well, there are photos of Christina wearing thongs so yes, I guess she still wear thongs.

Why do some men like wearing thongs?

Thongs are insanely comforatable

Does WWE maria love wearing thongs?

yes? she loves thongs

Does Jennifer connelly wear thongs?

Yes, She only wears thongs.

How does smoking charm the thongs?

You can charm my thongs any time you like.

Does Kelly Clarkson wear thongs?

Yes she does that's all she wears she says she wears thongs only because thongs feel good

Leah remini wear thongs?

yes she wears thongs she is very hot, you never she panty lines. that's your answer yes she wear thongs

Does Justin Bieber wear thongs?

Probably, Voice + Thongs = winning fail

Does Martina Mcbride wear thongs?

No she doesn't wear thongs or panties at all.

Should you let your daughter wear thongs?

I let my daughter wear thongs because I think that there is no major difference between normal panties and thongs.

Are Low Rise Thongs or Waist High Thongs better?

Low rise are better

Does Fergie wear thongs?

She does wear thongs - Sometimes in music videos and sometimes on the beach.

Does Rihanna wears thongs?

Thongs,g strings, and you dont wana know everything..

Does Beyonce wear thongs?

yes she does wear thongs did you see that tight dress on her on the music awards you know she had a thong on so yes she wears thongs all the time.

Are thongs common?


Are thongs painfull?


Can boys wear thongs?

Yes but they have to be thongs for men unless you are a cross-dresser and then anything goes.

What did passengers on titanic wear?

everyone wore thongs because back then thongs were the latest fashion.

What did Rome's army wear?

under ware bra thongs underware, bra ,thongs lol

Is thongs a singular with an 's' at the end?

Thongs is plural, the singular form is thong.

Are thongs more comfortable than g-strings?

thongs are g strings sweetie :)

If you like to wear thongs are you gay?

No, especially not if you're a girl and you like to wear thongs, lol.