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no it deson't only caremel and biscuit

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Q: Are twix candy bars safe for someone with a peanut allergy?
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Candy that start with p?

Candy that starts with P: Payday Pastel (Party mints) Peach Buds Peanut Butter Bars Peanut Butter Cups Peanut Clusters Pez Party Stix Pop Rocks Push Pops

Did Hollywood and big time chocolate candy bars from the 1960's have nuts in them?

Big Time Candy Bars were my favorite! When I reached a peanut in the bar or I happened upon a particularly nutty bar, it was my delight! Definitely, they had peanuts in them.

Do jaffa cake bars have nuts in them?

Coming from someone who has a nut allergy and eats jaffa cake bars once in a while NO they do not have nuts in them. =)

What are some candies that begin with the letter P?

* Pay Day * Peanut butter bars * Peanut butter cups * Peanut butter M&M's * Peanut M&M's * Pecan chews * Pecan log rolls * Peppermint candy * Pez candy * Pixie Stix * Plain M&M's * Planters Peanut bar * Pop rocks * Push pops

What candy bars are caffeine free?

Any candy bar with chocolate as an ingredient will have some caffeine. Two caffeine-free candy bars are Payday (peanuts and nougat) and Zero (white chocolate, which has no caffeine). Cookies and Cream is a low-caffeine bar. Planters also makes a peanut brittle candy bar, free of caffeine.

Why doesn't aero make peanut bars?

Well, a lot of people are allergic to peanuts. If Aero made peanut bars, they could lose big money because it takes a lot of bucks to produce peanut bars that are the same. A lot of people won't buy peanut bars because they can't eat it or they don't like it. Most money Aero (or other candy factories) make comes from customers buying them. So Aero has to choose a chocolate recipe everyone can enjoy.

13 candy bars weigh 26 ounces.What is the weight of 35 candy bars?

35 candy bars weight is 70 ounces.

Candy bars are on sale for 3 for 0.70 How many dozen candy bars can be bought for 8.40?

you can buy 3 dozen candy bars

What are some foods one must avoid if one has a wheat allergy?

There are a few foods one should look to avoid if they have a wheat allergy. They should avoid bread, cakes, cereals, muffins, pasta, salad dressings and candy bars.

What candy was invented in the 1950's?

m&m's peanut chocolate candies were introduced in 1954. and also a bar of 7 kinds of chocolate called 7up. in 1950 the annabelle candy co. came out with Rockie Road Milk Chocolate bars. payday bars also came out in the 1950s.

What are the top 5 candy bars sold in the world today?

The top 5 most selling candy bars in the world are as follow. number 5- Snickers 4- Reese's Peanut Butter Cups 3- Butterfinger 2- Twix and drum roll... number one top seller is.... Hersheys milk chocolate bars.

What companies offer candy fundraising for churches?

Hershey's is the most popular for offering candy fundraising for churches. Hershey's offers chocolate bars (with or without nuts), chocolate kisses, Almond Joys, and Peanut Butter Cups.