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no because it is informal language

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Q: Are using colloquialisms good in writing an analytical essay?
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How do you show an argument in an essay?

Such an essay is commonly called an argument essay. These type of essays are a part of international exams such as the GMAT. These essays require the author to substantiate his/her stand in favour or against the argument specified with statements supported by examples in a structured manner often leading to a conclusion. One can build skills in such type of essay writing using various resoures avaiable on the internet particularly pertaining to GMAT AWA (Analytical Writing Assignment) section. Also one can use free online essay grading tools such as that available on to analyse their performance and progress in argument essay writing.

Can you say 'I' in an essay?

No, you should not use I in an essay because it is first person. Using I in an essay is only "ok" if you are writing a letter or paper to your parents.

What is the purpose of using transitions in essay writing?

moving from one idea to the next

How do you write essay without using the letter E?

It is easy! Just, instead of writing ''essay'' write ( ''s-ay'')

How do you write a climax in a critical essay?

Critical essays are generally more analytical, as they take works and look at them from certain viewpoints using evidence and arguments. They do not tell a story, which would have elements such as a conflict, resolution, or climax - these are mainly found in narrative writing. So, you cannot really write a climax in a critical essay.

When writing a persuasive essay can you put I?

you can, but i advise you not to. using "I" in a pursuasive essay sounds like you are fighting for your side instead of simply defending it.

What does composition in writing mean?

A composition is a short essay. Composition also refers to how you structure your writing using the correct grammar rules and rhetoric.

Write in your own words from perspective or point of view using the pronoun I?

I need help writing this essay.

What are some benefits of using an outline when writing an essay?

Thoughts flow together in a more organized way.

What are the backbones of an essay?

Essay writing is the basic activity of academic assignments. Many students don't know how to write an essay. There are different types of essays but the structure of the essay remains the same for every type. Essay writing is not a linear process before going to start writing your essay you should understand your essay topic very well and also note down important points of your topic in a paper, this will helps you to write your essay as fast as possible. Many students think that essay writing is the worst task; essay writing is an interesting task if you have very good knowledge in your topic. Many of you may copy essays from your friends this may leads to lose your academic internal marks. The structure you are using to write your essay is very important part of essay writing. The evaluator will verify your essay by seeing the entire structure of your essay and the way you used to express your ideas regarding the topic. You need not worry if you are not able to complete your essay writing tasks, there are many case study essay writing services like available in the Internet which will give you best quality inexpensive essays that fits in to your pocket .

How does writing a research essay mean challenging your assumptions about the world?

it involves asking questions and using verifiable facts to answer them.

Are there free websites where you can get essay writing help?

You can get resources for essays using google and wikipedia. If you want a custom written essay, you will have to pay for it. But there are some sites that offers free draft of your essay and you dont have to do any payment.

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