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You mean just passenger vans? They're allowed; the State of New York classifies them as cars.

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Q: Are vans allowed on the taconic state Parkway?
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Are vans allowed on the garden state parkway?

No, the vans are not allowed on the garden state parkway. The commercial trucks are usually prohibited from using the Garden State Parkway.

Are Cargo Vans with Commercial Plates allowed on the Garden State Parkway?


Are vans allowed on the belt parkway?

Yes. They are allowed.

Can a commercial van drive on the garden state parkway?

No. Commercial vans and trucks can run on thruways, not parkways. Parkways are resticted to cars only. There are low underpasses that vans and trucks will hit.

Are there state regulations for wheelchair vans in Ohio?

There are state regulations for wheelchair vans in the state of Ohio. Ohio has a strict training course for medical vans. They must meet certain guidelines in order to operate these vans in the state.

Are scooters allowed in vans skate park?


Are small moving vans allowed on parkways in NY?

No vehicles with commercial license plates are allowed on parkways in NYC.

Where can I find used wheelchair vans for sale in the state of Ohio?

You can go to Search for wheelchair vans in Ohio and you should get a listing.

Where can you find a Vans?

You can find vans in any mall in the vans store. and vans can be in any kind of clothes stores around any neighborhood your into.vans are usually in gangster stores as in the vans store like in number one. which is in all the malls in any state in America.usually vans are in America but some countries other then America might have them because they are made in china.

Are pickup trucks allowed to travel the belt parkway?

Pickup trucks and vans are permitted on controlled-access parkways under the following conditions: * They must have passenger car plates. * They must be used only for non-commercial purposes. * They must have an empty (unladen) weight of 5,500 pounds or less. All other trucks that do not meet the conditions above are not permitted on controlled-access parkways. This restriction includes moving vans, trucks and trailers. All vehicles (including passenger cars) with trailers or cargo carried on the roof are not permitted on parkways in New York State. Excerpt from the actual rule: § 182.29 Projecting objects. (a) No vehicle will be permitted to enter or operate within the parkway system with any article of any kind on the outside of the vehicle, unless such article is carried in or upon a rack designed for that purpose. (b) The maximum projection of both the article and rack above the roof of the vehicle shall not exceed 30 inches. (c) The overall height of the vehicle, including article and rack shall not exceed 10 feet. (d) The article and/or rack shall not project beyond the front and/or rear of the permanent equipment of the vehicle more than a total of two feet and in no case shall project beyond the sides of the vehicle. Vehicles with "combination" plates from other states are not permitted on parkways in New York State. The rules are interpreted differently by the different agencies that maintain the actual parkway. What may fly on the Taconic upstate may not fly on the Belt since NYC and Highway 2 are calling the shots. You must check with the actual agency that controls the parkway you want to travel.

What types of white vans are available to buy?

There are many types of vans available for sale. Cargo vans, panel vans, and mini vans are just some of these types of vans. All of these types of vans are available in a white finish.

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