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From what i remember it takes 7 days for the sperm to fertilize with the egg... so probably not pregnant unless it was from last month

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Q: Are very sore breast and heartburn or acid reflux 2 days after intercourse a pregnancy symptom?
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Is breast enlargement a symptom of pregnancy?

Breast enlargement can be a symptom of pregnancy, but it's not the ONLY symptom. The only certain way to find out is a pregnancy test, either by way of a home testing kit, or a blood test taken by a doctor.

Is Sore breast a pregnancy symptom also with a little coloration on the breast?

Yes, that is definitely a symptom and also one of the earliest. Take a test.

Do you have to experience breast soreness as a pregnancy sign?

No. Some women don't experience any symptom at all. No symptom as the be there to be pregnancy, but tender breats and sore nipples are a common symptom of pregnany.

Why are your breasts still sore and you are on your period?

Breast tenderness is a common menstrual symptom. If you are not using birth control, take a pregnancy test, as it is also a symptom of pregnancy.

What is breast pain a symptom of?

Breast pain can be a symptom of puberty, pregnancy, pain, aching and tenderness in the breast, or any weirdness in them. One breast can be larger than the other, it can change to different colors, or the nipple can be flat or inverted.

Can breast kissing cause pregnancy?

No, breast kissing cannot cause pregnancy, but it is a form of 'foreplay' meaning it excites the person you are doing this too and could lead to intercourse and that can cause pregnancy.

If your breast hurts around the nipple area and sides of your breasts are you pregnant?

This is a pregnancy symptom, however it is also a symptom that your period is about to arrive. Take a pregnancy test if you miss your period

Could a pimple on the breast be a breast cancer symptom?

No, a pimple on the breast can not be a symptom of breast cancer.

Can breast produce milk after intercourse?

No. The only way to produce breast milk is to be pregnant, about 3-4 months into pregnancy or maybe more.

Can you have breast pain mostly at night for 3 or more days is it a sign of my period or pregnancy?

Well if that is your only symptom of pregnancy then you are probably just experiencing PMS. It could also be breast growth. If it persists I would just take a pregnancy test.

Breast tenderness is a symptom of pregnancy or period?

It can be both actually, But when I've been pregnant it is much more swollen and sore.

Do pregnancy have your breasts sore?

Yes, that can be one sign, but sore breast also happen with PMS. It may or may not be a symptom.

Does disappearance of breast tenderness at 7 weeks suggest an impending miscarriage. Had no sickness in last successful pregnancy so breasts were the only symptom?

no breast tenderness has nothing to do with with miscarriage---not all women gets pregnancy symptoms---

My breast is hard and black i haven't got my period in one month and 13 days could i be pregnant?

Well, it is hard to determine with no more details. I would recommend that you see a doctor right away. Although breast discoloration is a symptom of pregnancy, your breast turning black is not. Missing a period is also a symptom of pregnancy, but I would highly recommend that you consult a doctor for further information.

What does it mean when you have pains in your breast and you are pregnant?

This is a common symptom of pregnancy. The hormones in your body are helping your breasts ready themselves to feed an infant.

Are sore breasts a reliable sign of pregnancy?

That is a sign of pregnancy, but it can also be a symptom of PMS. Wait until you are late and take a home pregnancy test or go see a doctor now. Breast tenderness isn't a sure sign of pregnancy.

If you touch a girl's breast can she become pregnant?

No. Sexual intercourse (or otherwise introducing sperm into a woman's vagina) is the only way to cause pregnancy.

What is sign and symptom of one month pregnancy?

The very first sign of pregnancy is Breast Tenderness or sore Breast.Moreover you will feel fatigued .And some back ace .I am writing it keeping in view my personal experiences !

What are the chances of being pregnant if your breast are sore?

It itself I wouldn't rely on this as a pregnancy symptom. Breast tenderness does occur during pregnancy but it also occurs when your period is due or have just finished, when your bra is too tight or if pressure is applied to your breasts. Breasts are very sensitive. If your period fails to arrive then perform a pregnancy test.

Does licking of breast make the girl pregnant?

No. A pregnancy can only be caused by the union of sperm and egg cells, and that may happen during sexual intercourse.

What are the symptoms of first trimester pregnancy?

Symptoms of the first trimester of pregnancy are typically nausea, breast tenderness, increased urination, dizziness, tiredness, heartburn and constipation. Other symptoms may occur but those are the most common ones.

16 days after intercourse you notice your cervical discharge had hints of blood You also have other pregnancy symptoms like nausea vomitting and sore breasts?

nausea vomitting and sore breast are symptoms of pregnancy

You usually get cramps and breast soreness a week before you get your periodhowever this time you got them after being a couple days late Is that also a pregnancy symptom Is it too early 2 take a test?

That in fact is a symptom of pregnancy, I had that same symptom when I was pregnant. I had breast tenderness which I thought I was just dehydrated and I was drinking too much caffeine because that can cause breast tenderness in females but in fact I was pregnant. I got morning, well I'd call all day, sickness starting at my 5th week. So go get checked out at your local doctor and it is not too early to test.

Can a girl get a breast milk before pregnancy?

before pregnancy milk from breast why

Is squeezing breast safe during pregnancy?

Pregnancy as is no contraindication to squeeze the breast.