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Are water skippers detrimental to a fish pond?

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No, they only eat very small insects that fall onto the surface.

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What do pond skippers eat?

they eat bacteria.

Is a pond a place or thing?

A pond is a small body of water, a word for a thing.A pond is a place where you might swim, or boat, or fish.a pond is a place where you might keep fish or water plants.

Where to fish on harvest moon ds?

You can fish in any body of water, including the Goddess pond and Turtle pond.

Do you need to change the water in a fish pond?


What organisms live in a pond habitat?

pond scum, fish, pond skater,water hyacinth, frogs.

What is fish pond method?

Water in the pond is either fresh or marine. The pond may be dug and the water may be supplied into it, or it may be just a natural pond with water . See to it that the pond is free from wild fish and toxic materials because these are dangerous to growing fish Wish this will help xD Add me on facebook or Subscribe

When do pond fish mate?

When the pond temperature rises, water levels increase, and other thing I don't know. But those are true for most pond fish.

How many fishes can you put in an empty pond?

You can't put fish in a pond with no water.

What group is a pond-skater in?

The Pond Skater is part of the Gerridae family, a group of organisms that live on the surface of the water. there are around 500 insects in this family that could be known as water striders, water bugs, magic bugs, pond skaters, skaters,skimmers, water scooters, water skaters, water skeeters, water skimmers, water skippers or Jesus bugs. Jay Sanga

Does water produce a home for mosquito fish and pond snails?

Yes, Mosquitos lay there eggs in water and there larva live in water, Fish need water to survive and pond snails can also thrive in water.

Does algae in a fish pond contribute to the amount of oxygen in the water for the fish to breath?


Can cats catch fish in a fresh water pond?


What types of fish will eat water bugs in a pond?

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What fish are in a fresh water pond?

mainly koi

Do pond fish hibernate in cold water?

yes it does

What is benefit of microorganism in pond water?

Fish can eat them..

What does pond water snakes eat?

Fish and frogs

Do pond water fish freeze with the ice?

Fish generally go down to the bottom of the pond where the water does not freeze and sort of hibernate for the winter. That is why it is important to make your pond so deep that the water will not freeze all the way to the bottom. (

Moving pond golf fish to new pond how do you do this?

Put pond water in a cooler with fish in it. Then bring it to the other pond and put small amounts of the new water into the cooler so it slowly adjusts to the environment. After about 20 or 30 minutes of doing this, take the fish out of the cooler and put them into their new home.

What is at the bottom of a pond?

whats at the bottom of a pond is mostly plants, fish waste, and water snakes.

Is a pond abiotic or biotic?

It maters. The things IN the pond might be. For example... a fish is biotic, but water is not.

Why did fish pond empty during an eclipse?

coz my dad drank all the water in the pond

What causes fish pond water to appear soapy?

White foam in a fish pond can be caused by organic residue gathering on the surface. This can be from fish waste or plant matter.

What is the purpose of using a pond pump in an outdoor pond?

A pond pump helps circulate the water properly. If it is not used, the water would sit still and get slimy. If there are fish in the pond it would help keep the water clean.

How are fish in ponds that have not been stocked?

A fish in a landlocked body of water (such as a pond) would have to come from another source. If in fact it wasnt put in there by man, then it would have had to come there by another means. A fish could swim into a pond from another body of water by underground water sources, or after a flood of a river the fish could have been deposited into the pond.