Are windmills good and why?

Updated: 9/21/2023
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Q: Are windmills good and why?
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Why would windmills be good renewable resources?

Windmills are good renewable resources because they give off wind energy and that helps us alto in life

How do older windmills and new windmills differ?

older windmills make more energy than newer windmills

How do windmills help us?

Windmills provide wind power which can be turned into electricity and is good for our enviorment without burning fossil fuels like coal and oil.

How can you use wind energy?

Windmills are a good way to use wind energy

How do you produce energy with wind?

Windmills and wind turbines are good sources to produce energy.

What are windmills used for?

windmills are there to help save energy and renew electricity.

Where are the windmills in the Legend of Zelda phantom hourglass?

there is no windmills!

Are there windmills in Europe?

Yes, there are lots of windmills in Europe.

What does Don Quixote believe that windmills are?

Don Quixote was getting on in age and his eyesight wasn't too good. When he saw these particular windmills he thought they were evil giants and attacked them. He probably didn't have any quarrel with windmills in general.

What has the author Brian Flint written?

Brian Flint has written: 'Suffolk windmills' -- subject(s): Windmills 'Windmills of East Anglia' -- subject(s): History, Windmills

What is the fear of windmills called?

What is the phobia of windmills called? Experts say that the fear of windmills is called Anemophobia and/or Ancraophobia

What is the usage of windmills?

Windmills produce about 2% of worldwide power.