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Well, you know, dogs are wolves, so, they are as friendly as dogs, but stupid Fairy Tales make it like wolves are ugly, horrrible killers. So, yes wolves can be friendly and normally only attack if they feel threatened. If they attack for what seems no reason then they are hurt, you are near their den or pups, or they just got away from another human and can tell your a human. Also if you hear someone saying: wolves are ugly beasts, retarded, stupid, idiots, that will kill anything just to see it die, and that wolves are evil creatures. Just remember that these were lies created a long time ago by people who hunted wolves, and domesticated most of the wolves food supplies, so wolves were forced to fight back in order to survive.
Yes and no. Wolves that were raised by humans when they were puppies they are friendly. You can even see pictures when the wolves kissing a person! No because wild wolves eat meat such as humans. Their most likely to walk away from you though.
some wolves are friendly some are not. but if you purposely make them mad. not a chance they will be friendly to you. but try to be nice feed them and love them are some things you could do to make it happy.

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Are Canadian timber wolves friendly?

Not really... But surprisingly there are very few recorded attacks on humans by them wild they aren't that friendly as pets they are really friendly trust me

Are wolves friends to some humans?

Wolves that have been brought up by humans humans from a pup are friendly with them yes. But they can still be very dangerous and rough. Foxes are more friendly with humans than wolves. You could never be friends with a wild wolf. It would probably be catastropic!

Are tundra wolves friendly?

No. They are not pets and are an apex predator. They will attack and kill you given a chance.

How have dogs been bred into wolves?

Yes a malamute is and can be breed with a wolf. It is ratre for it to live and survive but they are cute and friendly!

Where can you find pictures of wolves that live in Florida?

Your friendly local Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission can.

Where the teton Sioux friendly?

Definitely not to the US. The Pawnee were far friendlier to the US. Dances with Wolves got that wrong.

What is modern controversy about wolves?

One modern controversy is that a hungry lone wolf will not eat a human beacause they are friendly unless they are threatened.

Can wolves be friends and nice to people?

yea they can but they will soon turn on you and possibly kill u or severely hurt you. wolves are wild so just leave them alone OK wolves are actually brilliant and against peoples thoughts very friendly. Yes they can be nice to humans. Just don't threaten them or harm them.

How do wolves communicate with each other?

By humming and body languageWolves are fascinating animals....Mainly through facial expressions, such as pulling their jaw taut.The other ways would include their speech, such as growling and whatnot.Also, their body language. Most wolves are rather friendly animals.By humming and body language

Name all the wolves in the world?

Alaskan Tundra Wolves, Alexander Archipelago Wolves, Arabian Wolves, Arctic Wolves, Baffin Island Wolves, Bernard's Wolves, British Columbian Wolves, Cascade Mountain Wolves, Dire Wolves, Eastern Timber Wolves, Ethiopian Wolves, Common Gray Wolves, Great Plains Wolves, Greenland Wolves, Hokkaido Wolves, Honshu Wolves, Hudson Bay Wolves, Iberian Wolves, Indian Wolves, Interior Alaskan Wolves, Iranian Wolves, Italian Wolves, Kenai Peninsula Wolves, Labrador Wolves, Mackenzie Valley Wolves, Mackenzie Tundra Wolves, Maned Wolves, Manitoba Wolves, Mexican Wolves, Mogollon Mountain Wolves, Newfoundland Wolves, Red Wolves, Southern Rocky Mountain Wolves, Texas Gray Wolves, Tibetan Wolves, Tundra Wolves, and Vancouver Island Wolves are all that I know of, and some of these might not even be around anymore.

What are friendly mobs on minecraft?

Friendly mobs are animals or creatures that don't attack at sight. Ex. Pig, sheep, cow, chicken, and squid. Also, wolves won't attack unless provoked. Same goes for spiders during the day.

What are all the wolves named?

There are many types of wolves some are Gray wolves, Red wolves, Eastern wolves, Maned wolves, Indian wolves, and Himalayan wolves.

Are wolves sometimes mix wolf husky?

yes some breeds are like that sometimes they can be very friendly like the most famous sled dog in history.

How do wolves interact?

One of the most common ways wolves interact with each other is howling, but they do other things, too. Sometimes they do things like biting the other wolves' muzzle, and of course the facial expressions like growling and such. The pups often preform 'fake-fights' with each other, which is absolutely friendly and thought of as a game to the pups.

How many kinds of wovles are there?

Arctic Wolves Timber Wolves Red Wolves Ethiopian Wolves Indian Wolves Asiatic Wolves European Wolves (probably extinct)

What is a collective noun of wolves?

The collective nouns are a pack of wolves or a rout (or route) of wolves.

What is the book Julie of the wolves about?

Julie of the Wolves is about a 13 year old girl really named Miyax who lives in Alaska (only called Julie around places other than Alaska) and runs away from her young husband and finds herself stranded striving to survive, but when she meets some friendly wolves and becomes part of their group, they help her survive

What are species of wolves?

Some species of wolves are the gray wolves, red wolves, antic wolves and the coyote-wolf hybrid.

Are wolves native to Canada?

Some wolves like gray wolves and arctic wolves are.

When was Wolves in Wolves' Clothing created?

Wolves in Wolves' Clothing was created in 2005.

Who are the wolves?

Since this is posted in the Rugby section:There are several Rugby Teams called the Wolves.the warrington wolvesBucuresti wolvesKempton wolvesNorth west wolvesOttawa wolvesand probably more

What is collection of wolves?

A pack of wolves is a collection of wolves.

Are gray wolves and timber wolves the same species?

No Grey wolves and timber wolves are not the same.

Why are there no wolves in 1995?

There were wolves in 1995 and there are still wolves.

Do wolves kill wolves?

Yes, wolves kill other wolves, usually for territorial reasons.Yes, wolves will kill wolves from other packs, as well as adult lone wolves.

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