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Are women only contests considered discrimination?

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What steps has the government taken to protect women and minorities from discrimination?

these r only talkings no steps has been taken for women

What is diversity in the work place?

Inclusion, and welcoming of minorities, women; people of all kinds, without discrimination on the basis of, not only ethnicity or gender, but also of sexual orientation, religion (and anything that might be considered prejudicial).

Example of bluff?

The short, steep hillside that overlooked the town was considered to be a bluff. I've won several contests with only a bluff.

How weren't women important in ancient Athens?

Women weren't considered citizens (only men were).

How do you enter Club Penguin contests?

im not a member but i no how to enter the contests. usally there is only sometimes when there are contests so it will ask you if you want 2 join in it. thx

Was there discrimination during the Revolutionary War?

No, there was only discrimination in the civil war.

Who was the only women allowed to watch the Olympics?

No women were allowed to watch the Olympics because they were not considered citizens.

How many words are in discrimination?

Discrimination is only one word, but it has 5 syllables.

How is discrimination counted as an act?

Discrimination is ONLY conduct, not thoughts or speech (which are unregulated).

What are the causes of gender discrimination at workplace?

Historically, women have been underrepresented not only in academics but also in the workplace; the residual effects of favoritism towards men and unfair treatment of women is the primary cause.

What is a sentence for discriminatiom?

Discrimination is not acceptable in society.The act of discrimination is against the law.Workplace discrimination will only earn you the sack.

Can you get paid to answer a question on WikiAnswers?

Only during contests.

When did discrimination start and stop?

It depends entirely on the group being considered and it has rarely "stopped"; only becoming rarer or surfacing in other forms.

Why were there no women delegates at the Constitutional Convention?

Because women were not allowed to vote at the time and women were considered to be only house keepers. No, the better answer is that women didn't have individual rights.

What cities in Pokemon platinum have contests?

Only heart home.

why are boys considered stronger?

Boys are usually considered stronger than girls because you see many men and boys that work out, and then gain muscles and such, and many people believe girls to be "angelic, frail, and graceful" because of our looks and because we are girls, when that isn't true at all. In fact there are many women bodybuilders who've won bodybuilding contests, workout and gain muscles and such too, but it has because a default stereotype that men are stronger than women, only because it has became natural to see more men with a built form than women. That's my take on it at least! :)

In Athens who can vote?

Only the men. The women were practically considered to be there just to have kids and be in house.

Is it too late to contest a will after 3 years?

Generally, yes. Will contests must be made within a statutory period usually only lasting a few months.Generally, yes. Will contests must be made within a statutory period usually only lasting a few months.Generally, yes. Will contests must be made within a statutory period usually only lasting a few months.Generally, yes. Will contests must be made within a statutory period usually only lasting a few months.

Results of talent contests should be decided by judges and not the audience?

Yes. I think that results of talent contests should be decided by judges and not the audience as the audience will only support their own idols. They will vote for them and think that their idols should be the ones who can win the contests. This will results to having some people who don't actually have the talents to win the contests. Thus, these contests will be counted as unfair.

What is considered a small penis women only?

i personally would say 2 to 4 inches.

Why did shakespeare only have men performers?

It was considered sinful for women to appear on stage (in operas, too).

What are you when you are a man and love men?

When a man is only attracted to other men and not women they are considered gay.

Difference between discrimination and classification in datamining?

There is only a slight difference between discrimination and classification in data mining. Discrimination can be negative and classification is generally just factual.

Is discrimination kind of violation of human rights?

Discrimination of individuals on the basis of caste, creed, color, ethnicity, race, sex and religion is violation of human rights. It is violation of the order of GOD also as per all religions. ( Only if you can interpret the same correctly, without ego being involved.) Providing benefits to weaker sections is 'not' considered as discrimination.

What cities have contests in Pokemon ruby?

Let's see... Verdanturf Town has normal Pokemon contests. Fallarbor Town has super Pokemon contests. Slateport City has the hyper Pokemon contests Lilycove City has the master Pokemon contests. Also, if you can wait, I'd recommend only making pokeblocks with the people at the master contest hall. You get better quality pokeblocks that way. Good luck!