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Oh yes, yes I am ---- Yes.

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Are the Gorillaz a Christian band?

No, Gorillaz is not a Christian band. They are simply a trip-hop band.

Are the band gorillaz good?

Gorillaz are awsome man

What does the band the Gorillaz look like?

the band gorillaz are a virtual band. Basically blur, but not real people. So they never had to tour. Plus lots of computers. i like them :) nobody noes The Gorillaz ARE real people and is made up of several very talented people that have had musical backgrounds/bands/projects. And yes the Gorillaz DO TOUR!! 2D animation's

Is there a song with an animated band of monkeys?

The Gorillaz are the band

Is the band Gorillaz English?


When was the band the gorillaz formed?

Gorillaz was formed in 1998 by Damon Albarn and Jamie Hewlett.

What are some similar songs to feel good inc by the gorillaz?

I would consider the Gorillaz to be a unique band, and it seems like nobody has tried to copy them. So, there are no similar songs like it.

What are the release dates for House Band - 2005 Gorillaz?

House Band - 2005 Gorillaz was released on: USA: 25 October 2005

Which band is comprised of four fictional animated band members?


What is the girl's name in the gorillaz band?


Is gorillaz the greatest band ever?

Yes because Gorillaz take music to a whole new level.

Who a good band is?

Gorillaz are awsome check out on youtube.

Who is the most successful virtual band in the world?


What is the band created by albarn and jamie hewlett?


Is Gorillaz the most popular band?

Yes. Gorillaz are known in every country; their albums are sold in every country. They are especially famous in England... since they are an English band.

How old is the band gorillaz?

the band was created in 1998, their first album was released in 2001.

What band is comprised of four fictional animated members?


What was the band before the gorillaz?

i think it was blur by damon albarn

Who is in gorillaz?

Well Gorillaz is a band where the people that play the music are different for different songs. This means that there isn't people in a band as such. However, they have an animated band (the one you see in the music video) which consists of the characters Murdoch, Noodle, 2D and Russell.

What type of animation are the band Gorillaz be specific if possible?

monkeys i think

Who wrote 19-2000 by Gorillaz band?

Damon Albarn

What genre is the band gorillaz?

some of them are hip hop and some are rock

Who is the black girl from the gorillaz?

There is a black american man from the virtual band Gorillaz named Russel Hobbs. But there isn't a girl except a Japanese girl called Noodle. In other word there isn't a black girl in Gorillaz.

What is the name of gorillaz singer?

His name is Damon Albarn he also sings for the band Blur Gorillaz is just more of a side thing im pretty sure

Who are the members of the band The Gorillaz?

2-D, Murdoc, Noodle, and Russel(:Hope this helped, :)

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