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Are you allowed to shoot a free throw off the backboard?


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2015-07-14 16:03:01
2015-07-14 16:03:01

Yes you can shoot any shot with the backboard, sometimes people say it looks bad. It actually increases your percentage when you use the backboard.

Yes, it is perfectly legal to shoot a free throw off the backboard. Some might say that it looks bad, but whatever allows you to make the free-throw, besides stepping over the line or taking too long is alright!

Yah, but it's doesn't always look that great. It's best to swish every single one!!


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The backboard is 15 feet from the back of the free throw line.

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There are 15 ft from the free throw line to the backboard.

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The distance from the backboard to the free throw line is 15 feet.

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Yes, there is no rule against using the backboard when shooting free throws.

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after you get fouled when you are shooting you get two but if you shoot a three pointer you get three shots if you made your original you get one less free throw shot.

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