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Q: Are you in favor of using contaceptive?
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What controversial contribution did Margaret sanger make to America life?

She pioneered the movement to share contaceptive information

Can you scuba dive if you have the contraceptive implant?

You can scuba dive if you have the contaceptive implant. There are no activity restrictions associated with this method.

Are you in favor in using full body scanner in the airports?


What is a sentence using the word to curry favor?

Will providing quick answers curry favor with the instructor? Despite my best attempts, I could not curry favor with the waitress. False sincerity will not curry favor with me.

Can you still take the contaceptive pill if you have thrush?

I don't know, I'm still figuring that out, I want to get them but I think I have thrush too!

What is a sentence using the words in favor of?

She decided to vote in favor of the new policy proposed by the company.

Do you favor the use of contraceptives devices?

I favor offering women and men the option of using contraceptive devices, and of making it possible for them to choose when and if to become parents.

Need a sentence using abeyance?

She petitioned the king to terminate the abeyance in her favor.

Would you be in favor of using smart cards for personal identification?

No privacy is a wonderful thing.

Need a sentence using 'favor'?

A favour is usually used in a althoipichal sex asion.

Is using Google's search?

There was a rumor around February/March 2008 that will abandon Teoma in favor of using Google for search.

Using geography and political affiliations tell who was most in favor of the thirteenth amendment?

Abe lincoln