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It depends, so here are some scenerios:

If there are several cars parked in a private driveway and you back-up or start speeding out of the driveway and hit another car then you are responsible for hitting the other car.

If you were speeding on a road and turned a curve and ended up on someone's property you are responsible for the damage done on their property and that includes ripping up gardens, grass, crashing into any part of that home or uprooting trees.

If you were on private property and someone else hit you causing you to damage that property then it would be the other person that is responsible.

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Q: Are you liable for a car accident on private property?
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Who pays for damage as a result of a car accident on private property in the State of Florida?

The At-Fault motorist (via their insurance) is liable for damage to property.

Will full coverage insurance cover your car if hit by another car on private property?

It should unless there was some illegal activity that had occurred and you had the proper coverages. There is no difference in a private property accident or a public street accident when it comes to paying claims.

Who is liable in a multi-car accident?

The person that is responsible for the accident.

If the driver of a car is liable for an accident who is liable the owner of the car or the driver's insurance company?

The owner of the car is liable for the accident itself and the damage. However, the insurance company might have to pay for it, depending on the owners insurance cover.

Who is responsible if a car was hit on private property while backing out of the driveway?

doesn't matter if an accident was on private property. get a police report immediately. this will be used to determine fault, if any.

Who is liable if someone borrows your car and gets in an accident?

The fault lies with the vehicle that cause the accident. When someone borrows a car, the car owner can be liable because the allowed someone to drive the vehicle. Often this type of accident has to be sorted out in court.

Who is liable in a chain reaction car accident?

i was rear ended in a 3 car pile up on the highway, whos insurance is liable for my car repairs

Who is liable for my adult daughter's car accident?

Who is the owner of the car your adult daughter was driving, you or her? If you, you can both be liable. Her as the driver, and you as the owner of the vehicle

Can you be held responsible if your son crashes with another car on your private property?

yes.......usually only thing private property has to do with claims investigations is make it more difficult, as no police report will generally be written......if your son is negligent and liable for the loss, he is....private property or no........on your property or not.......if he is negligent, he is negligent and will be liable (you as the gaurdian) for the loss........more info is needed for me to help.......facts of loss...your vehicle or another? who owns vehicle? permission or not to drive? etc....

Can you sue another party if they were drinking and had an accident on your private property and they hit your parked car and tore down your fence?


If a friend drives your uninsured car and gets into an accident are you liable?

Yes you are

When a auto is borrow by a friend who is liable for an accident?

the person that owns the car

If your car slides into a ditch when you are trying to avoid hitting a dog and there was no damage to any property is that considered an accident in Colorado?

Honestly, not totally sure about your state, but in most...if there is no damage and it happens on private property, then it is not considered an accident.

You crashed into the car in front who is liable?

Typically the person that rear-ends the car is the driver sited for the accident. Usually, for following too closely. It is very rare that the front driver is sited and/or held liable for the accident.

If you hit a parked car on school property and there was no visible damage but they called later to say there was are you liable for a hit and run?

Yes, if you leave the scene of an accident then you will have to prove that you did no damage.

What does property damage liability car insurance cover in an accident?

Property damage liability car insurance will cover the individuals car and property that you hit. It will not cover anything to do with your vehicle if the accident is your fault.

Who is liable if an friends takes your car without permission and knows it not road worthy and get into an accident.?

The friend who took the car and got into the accident, if the accident is caused by the car's un-roadworthiness.

What if you are already injured and have a car accident is the insurance still liable?

Depends on your condition

Is a noncustodial parent liable for a minor child's accident if it is in the custodial parents car?


If someone has parked their car on your property with permission and you hit their vehicle with yours are you liable?

Of course. In fact, place of incident DOES NOT MATTER. The fact is you hit their car on your property, even though whether or not it was your property has nothing to with it. You made the contact, therefore you are liable.

What happens when you hit a car on private property and no police were called and the insurance company was not contacted until almost a month after the accident?

it might be considered as a hit and run or destroying private properity.

What happens after a car accident and hospital finds cocaine and marijuana in your system?

You could be held liable for the accident since you were driving intoxicated.

If you put the title of a car in your name for your friend and they are in a car accident am you liable since the car is in your name?

They can sue you both. One your friend is the driving and responsiable for the accident and two you own the car. Better get your check book out.

Who is liable for an accident if it's with a horse the owner of the car or the owner of the horse?

Probably the owner of the car. The car owner was traveling with it, and it got in the accident. now, if the owner was in the car, probably the owner of the horse would be responsible.

If I hit a car on private property who was parked illegally am I at fault?

Yes, private property does not obsolve you of your responsiblity.