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Probably not. Each year the ingredients in the flu vaccine are different, because each year different strains of the influenza virus are going around. They have to make up a new vaccine each year, to be sure it contains all the right strains that will provide immunity for the kinds of flu that are circulating at that time. Since the vaccine for the seasonal flu for this year in the Northern Hemisphere has just been manufactured and released very recently, it would not seem possible for it to be already expired. If you use a vaccine from a prior year (the more likely scenario if the expiration date on the bottle has already passed), then you will not be fully protected against the strains of virus that will be causing flu this year and may be taking something that could be harmful in addition to providing no protection.

You should talk to those at the source of the vaccine to find out why the vaccine would be expired.

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Q: Are you protected if expired flu vaccine was used?
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Can you still inject expired flu vaccine?


How will you know if the flu vaccine is expired?

Expiration date on the vial.

How soon after given a flu shot is one protected from the virus?

According to the NIH webpage for their employees, it's "several weeks" for seasonal flu vaccine and "2 weeks" for H1N1 vaccine.

Can vaccine cure or prevent the flu?

Vaccine can prevent the flu.

How long to wait between flu vaccine and shingles vaccine?

interval- flu vaccine and the shingles vaccine

Can a tuberculin syringe be used for the flu vaccine?

A tuberculin syringe is not likely to have a long enough needle to give an intramuscular flu vaccine.

Can you get the flu from the vacine?

No, you cannot get the flu from the swine flu vaccine. What the H1N1 vaccine does is inject dead or weakened flu germs. That way if you do get the flu, your body will know what to do. But you can't get the flu from the vaccine.

Can regular flu vaccines keep humans from getting Swine Flu?

In a way. Originally we needed to take a separate vaccination for the swine flu. Beginning in the 2010 - 2011 flu season, the regular seasonal flu vaccine was adjusted to include the vaccine for the swine flu. So now you can be protected from swine flu by taking the regular seasonal flu shot in the US.

What do cow and chickens have to do with the flu vaccine?

Chicken eggs are used as the medium to grow the viruses that are used in the preparation of the vaccine.

Can flu vaccine be given at the same time as the varicella vaccine?

Yes, you can get flu vaccine and varicella vaccine at the same time.

Avian flu vaccine?

Q-pan is the approved vaccine for Avian Flu or H5N1.

Can you give flu vaccine and pneumococcal vaccine together?


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