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Q: Are you responsible for spouses federal school loan if he dies?
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Do kids have to pay federal student loans when a parent dies?

If a parent were to obtain a federal school loan for their child and the pass away , the child would not be responsible for paying it back. The loan would be discharged due to death discharge. A death certificate would have to be shown to prove death of the borrower.

Am i responsible for my mother's medical bills after she dies?

You are not normally responsible for your mother's medical bills after she dies.

If a spouse dies and had unknown individual unsecured credit debt is the surviving spouse responsible for paying these credit cards or medical bills?

If nothing else, the spouses Estate would have to pay it, if there was $$$ for more info see

Who is responsible for your mother's debts if she dies without a will in Texas?

The estate is responsible for the decedent's debts.

When a parent dies who is responsible for their bills?

The estate of the deceased is responsible. In many cases the spouse will be held responsible as well.

When was He Dies in Rocket School created?

He Dies in Rocket School was created on 2007-07-03.

When the cosigner dies is the spouse responsible for a repossion that she did not cosign for?

The spouse is not responsible and should not have this on her credit. But the estate of the deceased will still be responsible for the debt.

When a president dies can the state do the autopsy or does the federal gov take over?

The federal government takes over

Does a cosigner have to replay a federal student loan if the student dies?

Federal student loans do not currently have cosigners. Parents who take out federal PLUS loans for their kids often think they are a cosigner, when they are actually the sole borrower. All federal student loans are discharged if the student dies.

Who is responsible for debt when a person dies in Washington?

The estate is responsible for debt. That is one of the reasons for opening probate.

If your husband dies are you responsible for his bills?

His estate has primary responsibility. The spouse will likely be held as responsible as well.

Who is responsible for debts when a parent dies in Mississippi?

The estate is responsible for the debts. Until they are resolved, nothing can be distributed.