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No, unless it is the start of a sentence, then you would capitilize the word "sea". Also, if there was a sea otter named "Sea Otter" then you would capitilize the name.

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Q: Are you supposed to capitalize sea otter in an essay?
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What species is the sea otter?

I think mammals... but I am not 100% sure...

Is a sea otter a mammalfishor a invertebrate.?

The sea otter is a mammal and is a vertebrate.

Is a sea Otter a invertebrate?

No, the sea otter is a mammal and all mammals are vertebrates.

How do you get an underwater room for your sea otter?

how do you get an underwater room for your sea otter on webkinz?

What does a sea otter do?

a sea otter swims around and eats fish and coral

What is the description of a sea otter?

The descripton of the Sea Otter is that they suck balls bye.. :)

Does the sea otter have any symbiotic realationships?

yes sea otter's do have realationships

What is sea otter's favorite food?

the sea otter's favorite food are crustaceans

What is the special characteristic of the sea otters?

they are the largest otter i mean giant sea otter

What is Range of southern sea otter?

The range of the southern sea otter is in the ocean to south

What is the weight of a sea otter?

the sea otter can weight up to 30 to 35 pounds

Is a sea otter a mammalian?

No. A sea otter does not give birth or has milk to feed its young.