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Q: Are you waiting for something to happen?
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What does waiting for never mean?

It means waiting for something that isn't going to happen.

What does the saying on tenterhooks mean?

It means to be anxiously waiting for something to happen.

What is being Proactive?

controlling a situation by causing something to happen rather than waiting to respond to it after it happens

What do you at wythology at Poptropica?

u just hang about waiting for something to happen cos wythology doesnt exist.

Have nartuo an sakura kiss?

Nope! Not that the fans know about! Were still waiting for something to happen between them...

When was Trouble Waiting to Happen created?

Trouble Waiting to Happen was created in 1987.

What do you mean by Binding time?

It means you are waiting...typically in a relaxed manner and typically one who is binding their time is waiting for something "evident" to transpire, or waiting to see what may happen concerning a specific event or issue.

What part of speech is Accident Waiting to Happen?

"accident" = a noun "waiting" = a verb "to happen" = a verb

What does a watch pot never boils mean?

Because time seems more relevant when your waiting at the source for something to happen

What rhymes with sending that is linked with Christmas?

lending.. like lending money.pending.. like waiting on something to happen?intendingspending.. money?

When did The Waiting Place happen?

The Waiting Place happened in 1997.

What is an accident waiting to happen?

Idiomatically, an accident waiting to happen is a situation which is almost certain to eventually lead to an accident.