Areas in dublin ending in o?

Updated: 9/14/2023
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pimlico marino phibsboro rialto portobello

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Q: Areas in dublin ending in o?
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5 places in Dublin ending in o?

Marino, Dublin Zoo, Phibsboro, Portobello, Rialto, and Pimlico are places in Dublin, Ireland that end in 'o'.

Manufacturing areas in Ireland?


How many counties in Dublin?

Dublin is one county, so there is only one county in Dublin. There are a number of administrative areas in county Dublin, but these are not counties.

What is postal district for Dublin Airport?

It is in county Dublin, not one of the numbered areas. They are only nearer to the city. Anywhere outside of that is addressed as "County Dublin."

What is the name for a south Dublin district?

There are lots of places in the south of Dublin. Dún Laoghaire is the largest town. Other large areas include Tallaght and Dundrum. It has two administrative areas: South Dublin and Dún Laoghaire Rathdown.

On what street in dublin is the spire?

O' Connell street

How many miles between Dublin 2 and Dublin 24?

Less than 6 miles. Dublin 2 and Dublin 24 cover broad areas, so it depends on where in each your start and end points are.

Is Dublin Ireland a city or on the countryside?

The answer is both. The city of Dublin, is Ireland's largest city and its capital. The city is in the county of Dublin. There would be lots of other towns in the county of Dublin and also some rural areas. See the maps of Dublin below.

What city was Sean o casey born in?

Dublin city

Who is usher's opening act in Dublin?

tinie tempah;o

Where is the driest place to live in Ireland?

Dublin and the surrounding coastal areas

What has the author Pauline Dublin Milone written?

Pauline Dublin Milone has written: 'Urban areas in Indonesia' -- subject(s): Cities and towns