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printers proof
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What does pp mean in cricket?

PP stands for PowerPlay - which gives a slight advantage to the batting team with the fielding side limited to Two players outside the inner circle.

What does mark making mean when used in art?

when you use a pencil, pen or a crayon (anything) and make some sort of small compacted dashes or some sort of shape to show colouring in a better styled way and direction can

What does As pertaining to art work what does PP numbered mean?

The conventions for numbering prints are well-established, but there are other marks to indicate that the print exists outside of an edition. Artist's proofs are marked "A.P."
In Recipes

What does pp mean in recipes?

Not sure without actually seeing it used. It could be pinches, parts per [ as in ppm, parts per million], parts [as in three parts to 1 part], or even pints, or pounds. It sho