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Q: As a stay at home mom do you need a license in MI to care for another families children?
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how much is the license for a day care ?

It depends on the age of the children that the license is for, but it is generally upwards of $400 and takes over 3 years to get.

How can you get put into foster care if your parent isn't abusive?

You can request foster care by going to your Children & Families and talking with a social worker.

What does revoked child care license mean?

If a person has a revoked child care license, it means that they are not to watch children in their home. This can occur if the person has been convicted u dangerous crimes.

How many kids can you keep in your home without a daycare license within the state of North Carolina?

If the parents agree to leave the children with you--and you are not actually operating as a day care--then the limits set by your home owners insurance apply. However, you assume great liability and moral and personal responsibility when having children in your home that you are responsible for, so that number should not exceed the number of children you can fully and responsibly care for, probably not more than two children per adult. If, however, you are actually operating as an unlicensed day care, then you will be committing a felony by not being properly licensed and insured. It is in your best interest, and in the interest of the children you are taking care of and of their families, that you go through proper channels and license yourself and your home in accordance with the law.

How many kids can you babysit without having a license in nevada?

In the state of Utah ou are permitted to care fo only four children without a license.

What is foster care license?

A foster care license is the ability to legally care for another parents child or children. Depending on your age, condition(s), and sometimes marital status determines how many kids you can have living in your house. They (DCS and case workers) also base if a minor comes to live with you if your home has the right amount of bedrooms and sleeping space and that the enviroment is "safe". If the child is younger there are many more saftey rules. You can obtain your foster care license by attending specific parenting classes through DCS.

Is it illegal to care for children get paid for it and not having a licence?

Not if you are just babysitting. If you are running a child-care center out of your home without a license, then yes, it would be illegal.

What is DYFS?

The Division of Youth and Family Services. They are in the Department of Children and Families. They are in charge of the care of children who may be out of the home (in group homes, residential facilities), alternative schooling (remedial schools, handicapped schools), and giving services to needy families.

What charities for kids exist?

There are a lot of charities for children. There is UNICEF, and there is also a childhood cancer charity called Alex's Lemonade Stand. One of the best charities is The Children's Miracle Network, which is part of Children's Hospital. It helps provide care to children who have families that cannot afford care.

How many children can you legally keep in your home daycare unlicensed in Georgia?

As of 2011, you may legally care for 2 children in the state of Georgia without a license.

What services does a home care agency offer to families with sick children?

The Hennepin Home Health Care (HHHC) provides in home child care for families when children are ill. It's especially for parents who can not stay home because of work or other obligations. As soon as you know that your child is sick and unable to go to daycare, call HHHC and they will send out a Sick Childcare Aide.

What reason would a child be placed in a children's home rather than foster care?

If there are no suitable foster families available or when the child is unruly so they wont fit into a family dynamic. You have to remember that foster families are often normal families with or without biological children at home but with foster children and the ones coming new have to fit in somehow so the family works.