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Q: Asia and Europe are the most crowded region true or false?
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What is Russia's perceptual region?

Europe and Asia

What region is Russia in?

It is Both Europe and Asia

Which continent are included in the arctic region?

Asia, Europe, and North America are the continents that are included in the Arctic region.

Where is Poland located in Asia?

Poland is not located in Asia. It is in the continent of Europe.

Where are there more countries?

in Europe because there are little countries all around that crowded continent. Asia as well.

The total land area of Insular Southeast Asia is larger than Europe?

False, Europe is about 5 times larger.

What is a large region separated by water called?

Asia and Europe

What region Europe benefited renewed trade with Asia?


What is the region where Europe Africa and Asia meet?

The Middle East

What region of Europe benefited from the renewed trade with Asia?


Is uzbekistan in Europe or Asia?

Almost all geographers agree that Uzbekistan is in ASIA, specifically the region of Central Asia.

Why are the region of southwest and central Asia known as the crossroads?

for traveling from North Africa, Asia, and Europe