Child Support
Emancipation and Ages for Moving Out

At 18 yrs of age with Dad paying child support can the 18 yr old request his own emancipation if he is no longer living with mom but living with realitives and still not really supporting himself?

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2006-08-19 15:40:05

The age of 18 is considered to be the Age of Majority in all

states with the exception of Alabama(19), Mississippi(21),

Nebraska(19), Wyoming(19), and the District of Columbia(21). The

Age of Majority is a legal term meaning that age at which an

individual has all the rights and responsibilities of an adult. If

you are not living in one of these states, you are an adult. If you

are living in one of these states, you can always request to be

emancipated. However, even if you have achieved the Age of

Majority, if you are not supporting yourself, you are dependent on

those who are and should conduct yourself accordingly. Good


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