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I'd say extra large, because I'm an x-small at A&F and a large at the kid's store so yeah.

I have the same question. Except for the fact that I am an x-small at abercrombie and fitch. Sometimes x-small is to big though. So i assume that I would wear a small at abercrombie and kids. I think it is two sizes up from what size you are at the adult store.

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Q: At abercrombie if you wear a size small in womens clothing what size would you wear in the children's abercrombie?
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What is 2xs in clothing means?

From what i've heard, it means 'extra extra small'.

Do aeropostale clothes run small?

yeah most of their clothing does run small like the x-smalls. most of them are really tight on meeeee....

Does sell genuine Abercrombie and Fitch items?

You can tell by whether or not their clothing has the abercrombie and fitch logo which is a small moose embroidered on them. this logo is patened so no one can reproduce it legally without the company's permission.

Is the hollister small the same as the abercrombie kids medium?

No, the hollister Small is like a child's large in abercrombie. A hollister mens small is a child's xl in abercrombie kids

Would a small at abercrombie kids fit into hollisters?

no hollister is the same as abercrombie, not abercrombie and fitch (kids)

Does bench clothing come in a variety of sizes?

Bench Clothing offers a varity of sizes for both men and women. the sizes for the line of womens clothing generally ranges from xsmall-xlarge, mens clothing generally ranging from Small to XX large

What size is considered small at Abercrombie?


Is hollister small same as aeropostale small IN WOMENS?

Depends what you are buying and how the clothing is going to fit you. In a sweater, I believe that Hollister small is same as Aeropostale small. I know that Aeropostale are a cheaper make and there are different views about Aeropostale about shrinking after wash.

Will i fit a jack wills xs hoodie if i am a small in abercrombie kids?

no. abercrombie kids is really really small. If you're an xs child size you can't get in a woman S.

What size would i be in juniors if i wear a size small in womens?

They won't. It's not a matter of the sizes. If it were, then I would say either a medium or a large. The problem is that the clothes in the womens section have more... ahem-ahem figure... Those who wear women's clothing will notice that when trying on junior's clothing, it tends to stretch out at the hips and breasts.

Is there a abercrombie outlet in Sarasota Florida?

yes, but its only small winter stores

Is abercrombie played out?

Most retailers trade between $6-$35. Abercrombie trades at $66. When the market crashed it was down with everyone else at $25. It recovered over 2 years to $66. If this is in the future just google ANF and the stock symbol should come up with how much its trading at. Compare it with you favorite clothing retailer and it will be a small indication on if ANF is played out.