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The age varies from state to state. In the state of Missouri a child can be emancipated at the age of 16.


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If it's a matter of the mother and father having separate custodys over the child, at the age of 15 a child can refuse to visit the other parent, even so far as to go to court, and remove the custody of one parent. You can also choose which parent you want to have full custody of you.

This depends upon the age of the child and the child's maturity. Generally, in New York State when a child is fourteen (14) years old the Judge gives great deference to the child's wishes. Living with one parent also depends on the best interests of the child; perhaps one parent does not have an suitable housing for the child. That is a consideration, and even if the child is 14 years old and desires to live with that parent, the parent with inadequate housing might not get custody. Mildred J. Michalczyk

Only if you prove to be an "unfit" or bad parent. The parent that is an adult has not more rights to the child because they are an adult and you are not.

A minor child may not choose to live with the non-custodial parent. The non-custodial parent can go to court to have the custody order modified, but the only age at which a child is free to choose which parent they want to live with is the one at which they're no longer a minor.

There is not one. The child could be just born if the parent wanted them to be

Parents do not "emancipate" a child. A child is emancipated by attaining the age of majority (as defined by each State) or becoming self-supporting.

The child will take turns from parent to parent. If one lives in Wisconsin then you can have great chese! If one lives in South Carolina you see beautiful sights!

The difference between a biological parent and an adoptive parent is that the biological parent is the one who is related to the child by blood and the adoptive parent is the one that raised the child.

Not on taxes no. The parent the child lives with has the main right to claim the child. But if that parent can't or doesn't want to then the other parent can

18, assuming the one they want to live with is willing to have them.

The custodial parent is the parent in which the child resides with. My son lives with me and I am the custodial parent, his dad has visitation rights and pays child support.

In deciding which parent the children should live with in a divorce situation, the court takes into consideration a number of factors, including the sex of the parent, how much the child has bonded with that parent, whether the child would have to change schools or their surroundings, etc. Although some feel that the standard age of 14 is when a child is able to decide which parent to live with, a Judge does not have to go by this age in making his or her decision. Age is just "one" factor considered among many others. It is not an absolute determining factor.

Do you mean to ask if the child is a US citizen? Depends on how long the US citizen parent has been resident in the US. Need five years after age 14 to qualify.

No. Very few states allow for child support to be issued 30 years after birth, but even if you lived in one that did, child support is an obligation paid to the other parent and is never owed directly to the child.

One should be through with high school before becoming a natural parent.

Full custody means that one parent (the one that the child lives with) has the child 24/7 and the other parent has visitation with the child/children, sole custody is when one parent has the child 24/7 and the other parent is not allowed visitation.

it has 26 chromosomes. A child with one parent has never born in human being

A mulatto is the child of one white parent and one black parent.

If one parent does not have dimples and one parent is heterozygous for dominant dimples, a child has a 50% chance of inheriting dimples.

No, in the states where early emancipation is available you have to be minimum 16yo.

If you have joint custody, there is one parent that is the custodial parent. A child can move in with you if you are the custodial parent or you can file in court to change your status to the custodial parent. The child should want to live with you as well.

Since the child is a minor, they cannot file for child support. The custodial parent is the one who has to file for the child support for the child.

It depends on the state you live in and what the laws are that govern that state. In most cases, the child can not just live with one parent, because the custody belongs to the other parent. That child can wait until the age of 18, to move-in with the other parent or that child can ask the court to move with the other parent.

No. One parent must be either A or AB.

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