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Yes..... with a parent consent you can drop out of school, but for further advice I would advise you not to drop out of school at such a young age, there will be so much more for you to do with your life if you tried and stayed in school!

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The MO Legislature recently (Aug 28, 2009 ) raised the age to 17 or the completion of 16 credit hours. But stay in school. If you drop out... life will be harder than it is now.

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17 - the age was raised by Gov. Blagojevich earlier in 2008. == == == ==

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Q: At what age can you drop out of high school in Wisconsin without your parents' consent?
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Can you legally go into the 12th grade without your parents consent?

No. Your parents need to sign you into a school.

Can you drop out of high school without parental consent in Utah?

Yes, Required that he / she is 18, or 16 with parents consent.

What is the legal age for a child to leave school without parents consent in Florida?


What age can someone drop out of school without parents consent in the state of IL?

# yes 18

What will happen if a 16 year old is pregnant in Wisconsin but her boyfriend lives Minnesota?

You are a minor and is not allowed to move out without your parents consent. And having a baby you are better off staying at home so you get help and can go to school. The father will have to travel.

Can an owner of a dance school videotape children without parental consent?

No as only with the parents' or guardians' consent are you able to video-tape and post on a web-page.

Can a school fail a second or third grader without parents consent?

Passing a child in school has nothing to do with parental consent. If the child fails to meet the state's criteria for passing, they can be held back.

If you are 15 in Iowa can you move in with your aunt and uncle without your parents' consent if your parents refuse to let you go to school?

A 15-year-old is a minor and therefore cannot move out of their home without parental consent. If your parents truly are refusing to let you go to school, then it needs to be reported, because in Iowa you HAVE to attend school until you're 16. Now, if they're homeschooling you, then you are attending school (although it might not be the school that you want to attend).

Is it legal to leave your parents' home in Florida without parental consent if you go to school and have a job?

No, the age of majority is 18. You would need to be legally emancipated if you want to leave home without parental consent.

If you are 17 years old you live in California and you want to move to Michigan and you have parents consent how will you enlist in a school without needing a parents signature?

To enroll in any school you need to have your parents signature, so if your parents aren't with you you will need to have a guardian sign.

When can you drop out without your parents permission in Wisconsin?

When you finish school - go onto college and realize that they were right all along. Then, only then.

What is the legal age to drop out of school with a parents consent in California?

The legal minimum age to drop out of school is 16, but you must have parental consent. Once you reach 18, however, you are free to drop out without parental consent.