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It is said Jesus preached and worked for three and a half years. That is from 30 to 33and half years.

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Q: At what age did Jesus started his miracles.and how many years did he worked before he die.?
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What was Jesus's trade?

Before He started His ministry in Israel, Jesus worked as a carpenter.

Which disciple worked as fishermen before they followed Jesus?

Peter, Andrew, James and John were all fishermen by trade before they followed Jesus.

How can Jesus be baptized after after death?

Jesus was baptized before he started his work on earth not after he died on the cross.

Why did Jesus fast?

As Jesus was lead into the wilderness , by the spirit for 40 days and nights , before he started his ministry.

When did Jesus create catholicism?

Jesus did not create Catholicism. The apostles, after Jesus died, started Christianity. Catholicism was kind of the same thing because the apostle, Peter, was the first pope... not really sure how that part worked out, actually.

Were the twelve apostles employed?

They had jobs before they started to follow Jesus. But when Jesus came to them and said to follow Him, they left everything behind. Being Jesus' disciple was their job.

How did trick or treat begin?

it was the Romans they started it

Why was Jesus linked to the Passover?

Jesus was the one who started the passover. The passover was a feast that Jesus wanted to have with his disciples (followers) before his death. That's why it is also called the Last Supper.

What did Jesus Christ accomplish before he was thirty?

Jesus accomplished nothing at 30 years, his work started from the time he was 3o to 33and a half years.

What contributions did peter Faber make to the society of Jesus?

He worked with his boys St. Ignatius and St. Francis Xavier. They started schools around Europe like bosses. Faber is the unsung hero of the Society of Jesus.

What was Jesus occupation before he became a christian?

First of all Christianity is not an occupation, also Jesus was a Jew until the moment of his crucifixion.(the "last supper" is actually Jesus and his friends sitting down to a sedar meal(a Jewish tradition)) anyways Jesus occupation before becoming a prophet was carpentry( he worked with wood)

Who is older Jesus or Buddha?

Buddhism started about 500 years before Christianity. In another way of looking at the question, the Buddha was about 80 years old when he died, the Christians' Jesus 30 or so.