At what age did St. Valentine die?


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Little is known about St. Valentine of Rome, including his birth date.


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Very little is known about St. Valentine, including his age when he was martyred.

He died in Rome.St. Valentine of Rome died in Rome.

His age when he was beheaded is not known.

He is reported to have been tortured and then beheaded.

St. Valentine was executed for his faith.

The Valentine in Valentines Day is in represenation of St Valentine the patron St of love.

He died because the Emperor wanted men for his army, but the men didn't want to leave their family, St Valentine told the couples to marry secretly in his garden. He died for his faith.

The actual date of when Valentine of Rome died and became a saint are unknown. We do not know his age.

Little is known about St. Valentine of Rome, including his age at his death. This lack of verifiable information about his life caused him to be removed from the Calendar of Saints in 1969.

Valentinus is the Latin for Valentine, as in St. Valentine.

Yes. It takes a lot of bravery to die for your beliefs.

whi imprisoned valentine

St. Valentine was a Roman.

St. Valentine of Rome was born in Rome to the best of our knowledge.

We know very little about St. Valentine of Rome, including his birth date and precisely when he died. Therefore, his age at death is not known.

He is said to have been tortured and beheaded in Rome about the year 270AD.

If there had been no St. Valentine there would have been no Valentine Day. February 14 was his feast day.

The New Orleans Saints (St Patrick & St Valentine).

St. Valentine of Rome was from Rome, Italy.

It is said that St. Valentine sent a valentine to the Jailer's Daughter and he signed it "From Your Valentine"

Everyone who sends a Valentine on February 14 that says "From Your Valentine" is quoting Saint Valentine.

St. Valentine was not a rapist.

St. Valentine lived in the thrid century and died about the year 269 AD.

saint valentine lived in Paul siejkas pants.

St. Valentine of Rome lived in Rome, Italy.

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