At what age do babies point?

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Pointing babiesBabies should point by 12 months. Some do it early, others later. If your baby has not pointed by 14 months, ask your pediatrician. Don't be worried, but not pointing by fourteen months of age is one of the 3 hallmark behaviors in detecting autism.

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  • My little guy just started to point and he is 10.5 months.
  • My baby started pointing @ about 10 months. Give it some time or ask your doctor.

Based on what I learned from my Life Span & Development Class, Piaget believed that children learn about themselves as well as their environment from birth to about 2 years of age. It is anywhere between Piaget's Sensorimotor and Pre-operational stage. During these stages, which occur in early infancy, the child begins to learn and understand that he is separate from his environment; such as, his parents continue to exist even though they may be out of sight or reach. During the pre-operational stage (infant-7 years of age), children begin to use natural words, body outlines, and equipment which gives him an active role in learning. Hence, your child still has time to learn how to point. Speak to a doctor if it worries and hopefully, they can give you the reassurance that you need.

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Q: At what age do babies point?
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