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It is never too soon to start a savings account for college. If you haven't done so already, a good time to open one is when they start asking questions about money. This can be used as a tool to better teach them how to manage their finances.

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Q: At what age should you start a savings account for your child?
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When and how should I set up my child's college savings account?

You should start saving for you child's college savings account as soon as possible. A really good college savings plan is the 529 plan. With this plan you can set aside money for your child's college education and it will continue to grow tax free.

What is the best way to start a children's savings account?

The best way to start a children's savings account is to approach the bank or credit union you use to set one up. Typically you would set up co-ownership of the account set to be transferred over to the child at 18.

How do I start a college savings account in Ohio?

There are many banks that one could start a college savings account from, however if you go to they can help assist you with a 529 college savings account in Ohio.

Is the best time to start a college savings account when your child is a newborn?

Yes, as the money accumulates he or she will be ready than ever. It's better to start early and to be prepared. Therefore, your child will not need scholarships.

How can a savings account help in money saving?

A savings account is a very good account to open up if an individual would like to start saving money. It allows extra saved money to be transferred from the checking account to the savings account.

How could I start a health savings account and what are the benefits?

A health savings account can be started from your employer. The benefits include various tax savings when it comes to medical expenses.

What is the best bank in the Philippines to start a savings account?


What is the minimum deposit to open a savings account with SunTrust?

The minimum deposit required in order to open a savings account with Sun Trust in one hundred dollars and with this you can start your own savings account with Sun Trust.

like to know how i can start my granddaughts a bank account i don't have social number so can i still put acct in there names and how much do i need to start them with . 25.00 or what ?

If you can get their birthdate and social sec # then you can open a custodian savings account. If you do not have this info youcan open a savings with your social sec. # and title it "In trust for (child's name).

How could one start a retirement savings account?

You can start a retirement savings account in many different ways. You can go to your local bank branch, and they will be able to help you make a account. Sometimes, you can also make a account by going to your banks website.

How does one start a CD savings account?

In order to open a CD savings account one would need to go to the bank in which one wants to open the account at. Once there, they will be asked to fill out paperwork and provide a valid photo ID as well as other identifying information. It should take a few minutes tops to open a CD savings account.

College Savigns?

form_title=Set Up a College Savings Account form_header=Start saving early to pay for your children's college education. What is the current age of the child?=_ How much do you want to save?=_ How will you be funding this account?=_