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There isn't a "average" size because they all come in different sizes, but some sizes are tiny, Golf ball, tennis ball, and Baseball ball. They can get bigger as they molt. The average size people think of is a golf ball~tennis ball.

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Q: Average size of a hermit crab?
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How many cells does a hermit crab have?

It all depends on the size of the hermit crab.

How big does a hermit crab get in the wild?

the biggest a hermit crab can get is the size is the size of an adult man's fist

Is a hermit crab a crustacean?

Yes, although the hermit crab can also be found in an average forest.

How do you know which hermit crab will not live out of the ocean?

The land hermit crab has a big claw and a small claw. The ocean hermit crab's claw's are the same size.

What is the top speed of a hermit crab?

i found that the average speed of a hermit crab is0.04 ft/s

What is the size of a baby hermit crab?

the size of your pinkie nail

What is the size of a sea hermit crab?

The crabs Can be any size

You have had your hermit crab for two years will it get along with a new crab?

Hermit crabs will normally get along with other hermits of equal size.

What does a hermit crab grow in to?

a hermit crab

How big is a hermit crab?

Hermit crab species range in size and shape, from species with a carapace only a few millimetres long to Coenobita brevimanus, which can approach the size of a coconut. The shell-less hermit crab Birgus latro (coconut crab) is the world's largest terrestrial invertebrate

What is the size of a hermit crab?

It can range between a camera and a penny

How often does a hermit crab change shells?

When ever a hermit crab grows out of its old shell it finds a new one to call home. There is no set amount of times a hermit crab will change its shells. The hermit crab will only change shells if it has grown to big for its original one. Otherwise, the hermit crab will not change shells. It all depends on the hermit crab's growth rate and size.

How do you tell if your crab is a boy or a girl?

You can tell if a hermit crab is a boy or a girl by the size of their claws.

What eats a hermit crab?

What is a Hermit Crab's predator?

How large is a normal hermit crab?

Hermit crabs don't have a regular size because they grow, they don't stay the same size.

What size and weight are hermit crab?

The size is awesome, and the weight is red pandas x4

What is the scientific name for a hermit crab?

The hermit crab is a type of crab that doesn't have a very hard shell. Not a true crab, it uses other animals' old shells for protection; they especially like old whelk shells. As the hermit crab grows in size, it must find a larger shell. The hermit crab is a decapod crustacean of the superfamily Paguroidea.

How large can a hermit crab grow to?

about the size of a baseball ball or bigger.

Can a hermit crab live with fish?

if it is a land hermit crab then no,

Average life expectancy of a hermit crab?

It is known that the some land hermit crab's have been kept in the home as pet's for over 30 years!

How do you take care of a Jamaican hermit crab?

If it is a hermit crab, then it is like any other hermit crab, so just take care of it as you would to a regular hermit crab :)

Catch a crab?

You can catch HUGE hermit crabs in the Caribbean, during a vacation, our family spotted a land hermit crab the size of a baseball!

What are the families of the hermit crab?

hermit crab family always helps

How do you give your hermit crab a bath?

spray the hermit crab with water

What is the opposite of hermit crab?

The opposite of a hermit crab is a social butterfly.