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Yes - for example, if an object moves in a circle.

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Q: Average velocity of a particle is zero but not its average speed .. is it possible?
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When Velocity of particle equals average velocity equals instantaneous equals speed is possible?

When the length of the time is decreased more and more ,average velocity of the particles equals instantaneous velocity.

What is the average velocity of the particle from rest to 9 seconds?

The answer will depend on its acceleration.

Is ta possible for an object to have average velocity equal to its instantaneous velocity?

Yes, yes it is

When average velocity and average speed is equal?

For the instantaneous value of average velocity, average speed and average velocity are equal.

What are Drift velocity and momentum relaxation time?

Drift velocity refers to a particle's average velocity being influenced by its electric field. Momentum relaxation time is the time required for the inertial momentum of a particle to become negligible.

How is velocity different from average speeed?

Velocity is speed and its direction. Average velocity is average speed and its direction.

How is it possible for a car to have an average velocity of zero and an average speed of 65 mph?

If the car has an average speed of 65 mph, when it returns to its starting point, it will have a displacement of zero and an average velocity of zero, because velocity has both speed and direction.

What is the average velocity between 12.00 and 15.00 seconds?

To find average velocity, you need to know the displacement. If you knew displacement, average velocity would be found by: V = Displacement / time

Can the average velocity of a particle be zero when its average velocity is not zero?

All experimental observations until now are in unanimous agreement that such an event cannot occur. Within the limits of our ability to measure the relevant quantities to date, it appears to be impossible.

When is the average velocity equal to average of velocity for an object?


Is it possible for a body to have average speed but zero average velocity give reason and example?

Yes it is possible. If a body goes round a circular path then distance covered by one full rotation will be 2 pi r But the total displacement is 0. Hence the average speed exists but average velocity does not exist.

Is it possible for the average velocity of an object to be zero during some interval even thought its average velocity for the first half of the interval is not zero explain and cite an example?

i think no