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you should find it on the top of the gearbox

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โˆ™ 2010-01-31 21:40:35
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Q: Backup light switch 1998 Mazda truck?
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Where is backup switch on 84 Chevy truck?

The backup light switch is generally located on the Transmission. If you would like to see one then follow the link to and locate your Truck. Hope This Helps.

Is there a switch in the door of a Mazda truck for the dome light?

Yes it is located in the locking mechanism.

Location of backup light switch on manual transmission of a 2001 Chevrolet S10 pickup truck?

you can find the switch by looking underneath the truck right below the stick shift

Mazda truck b3000 where is the fuel pump reset switch loacted?

Mazda truck b3000 where is the fuel pump reset switch located

Where is the backup light switch on a 97 Chevy S10 pickup truck?

Standard or automatic transmission, they both are mounted to the transmission.

Where is the backup light switch on a 2002 Chevy pickup truck?

It should be at the top of your brake pedal it will look like a little push button switch the releases when the pedal is depressed

How do you put in a brake switch on a Mazda b2500 truck?

replace it

How do you reset the check engine light of Mazda bongo truck?


How do you fix a horn in a 1989 Mazda B2200 pick-up truck?

Mazda truck horn.First thing is to locate where the problem is by removing the wire on the horn and attaching a test light to the wire. Ground the test light and have someone push the horn button. If the light comes on, you have either a problem in the horn, or the horn is not grounded. If the light does not come on, the fault is either in the horn button (switch) or in the wiring. Ed

Where is the backup light swithch located on a Nissan truck with manual transmission?

screwed into the transmission.

Where is the neutral safety switch to 1999 Mazda B4000 automatic pickup truck?

switch is either on side of transmission, or under the dash

Where is the switch located for the backup lights on 1999 Dodge truck?

Where it is exactly I do not know suffice it to say that it is somewhere on the transmission.

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