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Bad breath balls in throat?


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January 20, 2009 12:00AM

I used to get these when I was a child, haven't experienced them as an adult though. They are called tonsil stones, tonsiliths, or tonsil calculi. The tonsil collects debris including food particles, particles from post nasal drip, and white blood cells to prevent infectious material from traveling further into the body (lungs/esophagus). When you have deep crevices in your tonsils, this matter accumulates and forms balls of foul smelling cheesy material which erupt to the surface of the tonsil. These can be scraped out with a toothbrush or a medicine dropper. They are normal and it is your body's way of helping to prevent severe infections. Some people get them and others don't. Although I do find it funny that those affected use the same term for them when we don't know what they are! Think of them as similar to the cheesy material that forms in pierced ear holes or the like.