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Basic etiquette of a waiter?


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September 12, 2011 3:51PM

Scrupulous cleanliness first. Seat the ladies , introduce themselves, ask if your would like to see a wine list. Give advice on ordering when asked [be faniliar with the menu and the ingredients ] Be attentive to his customers with out hovering. Keep an eye on everyone in his station so no one has any cause to yoohoo or [ please don't ever do this ] snap their fingers to get your attention. Make sure your tablel's order is correct and neat before service.Enquire at service if your customers need anything else.Take food complaints to the kitchen diplomatically, any environmental issues[ lighting, room temp etc ] to your Maitre'd or manager , apologize for any complaints of slow service, don't make excuses or blame others.and NEVER grumble about a tip within hearing of any customers. Tip your busperson appropiately, as they make less than you do , and your station will be well-kept and well supplied.